General Q&A about products

What are the size limits when uploading a product?

Every product should be less than 2GB in file size, but there is not limit on the total size of all your products put together. For example, you may have 20 or more products, each 2GB large.
You may also upload files larger than 2GB, but your customers may experience difficulty downloading them. Some may not be able to download them at all.

Can I host my own products?

No. All products are hosted on Sellfy servers and this can't be changed.

What file format do the products need to be in?

Sellfy supports all static file formats. This means that everything goes, as long as it can be downloaded by the customer directly onto their computer. Make sure your customers get informed about how to handle specific or rare file formats. Some users have trouble opening archive folders (.zip / .rar), so it would be useful to add some instructions to save them a lot of frustration.

How to upload multiple files to a single product?

To have more than one file in one product add them all into a single folder, then create a .zip or .rar archive. Then, upload it. 
Here's how to create a .zip folder on Windows:
Here's how to create it on mac:

Can I sell custom-made products? 

Yes, you may sell custom-made products, but with limitations. Sellfy is built mainly for instant downloads, so you'll need to figure out a system that works for you. There are sellers on Sellfy who upload a preview file with instructions for further action to get the custom-made product. Then, they collect the email addresses of the customers and send out the products manually afterwards. Be aware that this takes more time and there is a higher chance of disappointing your customers.

Can I sell subscription-based products (for example, monthly magazine issues etc.)?

No, it's not possible with our current setup.

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