Social discounts & free products

There are currently 2 ways to make your products available for free via Sellfy. The social discount feature, which allows your customers to get your product for free if they share it on Twitter or Facebook. And the Pay What You Want feature, which gives your customers the option to either name their own price OR to get the product for free. 

Here's how to use these features to offer awesome freebies to your customers:

1. Social discounts ( are a new and interesting way to market your products. Enabling a social discount will allow the buyer to receive the discount after they share your product on Twitter/Facebook. This has proved to be a very successful tool to get your product out there. Social discounts can also enable you to offer your customers free products or freebies.

Note: free product downloads won't show up in your order export.

  1. After clicking the Add discount button, a pop-up window will appear. The message field will be used in the tweet/share text.

    Here's how the product card will look like in the Sellfy search (if you've made a 100% discount): 

Your customers will be able to choose whether they want to pay for the product or get it for free (or at a discount).

2. Pay What You Want allows you to either let the customer choose a price or pay nothing at all for your product. 

You can read more about this feature here:

To enable it for your products:

1) go to the product editor

2) select the product you want to offer for free

3) scroll down below the product description and turn on the 'Pay what you want' button

4) then, enter the price 0.00 in the price field 

And here's how you can offer freebies to your customers!

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