How to add a product on Sellfy?

This tutorial will explain how to create your product and get your product link in only 3 steps. Creating a new product will take only about 2 - 3 minutes of your time.
Let's get started!

1. Click on the 'Add product' button

After you've signed into your account you'll notice the blue 'Add product' button on the sidebar on the left. Click on it and it will direct you to the product upload page.

2. Drag & Drop the product file 

Drag the product file onto the upload area or click on the “Select file” link. Make sure you're uploading the updated version of the product and the file name resembles the product description. 

3. Describe and tag your product. 

You want your product page to look great, so fill out all the fields to let your customers know exactly how valuable their purchase will be!
Upload a high quality product image, describe the product clearly and set the price. Also, remember to add tags so that users can find your product in our search! 

Plus, there is a cool feature you may find useful - you can make your product invisible on your Sellfy store page. This means that only the people who have access to your product page link will be able to buy it. This may be useful if, for example, you want to sell the product only to a specific group of people.

Plus, here's an extra tip: you can update your products with the latest versions by simply pressing on 'replace product file'. That way, you don't have to create a new product and all your previous customers will be able to download the new version from the same download link!

AND - you're done! Seriously, you just created your first product. It's now time to share your product like crazy! Promotion is key to growing your audience and scoring sales! So let your audience know how they can get their hands on your products by sharing on your social media networks and other channels. 

Good luck!

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