How to customize my store?

Customization for Starter  plan  users

You can drag&drop the product cards to change the order of your products. You may also upload a store cover image. Plus, you can set the store headline and add a short  store  description which gets displayed on top of the cover image.

Advanced Customization for Professional plan users

Note: The advanced store customization is only available to PRO plan users

With this new feature, you're in control of your store’s looks. It doesn’t have to resemble any other shop on Sellfy. You have the tools to change the look and feel of your shop entirely.

You can change the colors of:

  • all texts
  • buttons 
  • backgrounds

These changes are applied to your:

  • store page
  • product page
  • checkout page
  • download page

Additionally, you can choose the layout style of your store page, number of products per page and number of product columns per page.

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