How to customize my store?

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How can I customize my store?

How to change my store name and URL

How to add my store logo?

How to add my store headline and header image?

How to re-order products on my store page?

How to change the product layout on my store page?

How to change my store colors?

How to customize the Buy Now buttons on my store page?

How to add social media links?

How to customize your store

To customize your store, go to Store settingsCustomization in your dashboard sidebar menu.

How to change my store name and URL

In the Customization editor, go to Branding → Store Info and change your store name. 

Note: Changing the store name will not automatically change your store URL.

To change your store URL:

  1. Exit the Customization editor (click X in the top left corner)
  2. Click Go to Dashboard (top right corner of your store page preview)
  3. Go to Store settings → General settings
  4. Edit the Store link bar
  5. Click Update

If you want to use your own custom domain, go to this article for detailed setup instructions.

The store logo appears on your store page as well as on the emails your customers receive from you and on your product download pages.

To change your store logo:

  1. Go to Customization editor
  2. Go to Branding
  3. Go to the Store info subsection
  4. Click on the store logo OR the Upload link
  5. Upload the new logo image

Note: Make sure to use a logo in the recommended size (max 12MB) and dimensions (160x160 px).

Store headline and header image customization

  • The store Header image is the large cover image that shows up on your main store page.
  • The store Headline shows up on the header image as a large text (it can also be made blank).
  • The store Description is the smaller text that appears under the Headline.

To change any of these elements:

  1. Go to the Customization editor
  2. Go to Branding
  3. Go to the Header section 
  4. Upload a store cover image by clicking on the image OR the Upload link 
  5. Type in a store Headline or leave it blank
  6. Type in a brief store Description or leave it blank
  7. Click Save

Note: Make sure the store cover image matches the recommended dimensions (1920 x 350px) and size (max 12MB).   

You can also customize your store Header image and text color. 

The options you'll be able to change are:

  • Make the Header appear in compact view or full-sized
  • Apply a black overlay to the Header image or remove it
  • Choose the background color if you're not using a cover (header) image
  • Change the header text color

Here's how the Compact view looks like in comparison to the full-sized version of the Header image:

Here's how the Header image looks like without the black overlay (top image) and with the overlay (bottom image):

To customize your Header:

  1. Go to Style
  2. Go to the Header subsection

Re-ordering products on your store page

To change the order of products on your store page:

  1. Go to the Customization editor
  2. Drag and drop the product cards one-by-one in your preferred order.

Store page layout

Here are the options you can change:

  • Product layout in 2 or 3 columns,
  • Layout style with rows (products will be placed in a grid) or without rows (products will be placed next to each other tightly),
  • Store page background color,
  • The number of products displayed on each page.

Store colors

The color changes are applied to your store page, product pages, checkout page, and download page simultaneously, so you don't need to change every one of them separately. 

Here's where you can change the colors on your store:

  • To change the store and product pages, download page background color, go to Style → Page Layout in the Customization editor
  • To change the Header background color (if you're not using an image), go to Style → Header in the Customization editor
  • To change the store menu color, go to Style → Store navigation

Customize the Buy Now buttons on your store page

Here's what aspects of the Buy Now buttons on your storefront you can change:

  • Button color
  • Text color
  • Button corner shape

To add links to your social media channels:

  1. Go to Store settings → Customization
  2. Go to the Your Social links section below
  3. Enter your social media links as shown in the greyed out examples.

Note: social media usernames will not work, so add full URLs that start with https://..

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