How to customize my store?

With this feature, you're in control of your store’s looks. It doesn’t have to resemble any other shop on Sellfy. You have the tools to change the look and feel of your shop entirely.

To customize your store, go to Store settings → Customization in your dashboard sidebar menu.

The tools included allow you to:

  • Change your store name and logo
  • Set a store headline and cover image
  • Drag & drop the product cards to change the order of your products
  • Choose your store page layout (for example, how many columns of products are displayed)
  • Change the color of your store background, product cards, "Buy now" buttons, etc.
  • Change the shape and colors of the "Buy now" buttons
  • Add your social media links to be displayed in your store

For best results, upload images that match the recommended sizes.

The color changes are applied to your store page, product pages, checkout page and download page simultaneously, so you don't need to change every one of them separately. 

Check out below to see how it works:

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