Why Sellfy no longer has a search bar?

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Why does Sellfy not have a search function?

Why is Sellfy awesome for creators?

How to search for products and stores that are hosted by Sellfy?

Why does Sellfy not have a search function?

You might be quite disappointed or surprised in not being able to find the search bar on our homepage. You are not crazy, we used to have it, but we decided to retire it.

Sellfy does not have a platform-wide search engine since September 2017. Here’s why:

  1. Sellfy is a service for digital creators who sell via their own online store and social media channels;
  2. Sellfy is no longer a marketplace where to browse products or sellers;
  3. We are focusing on serving individual sellers better by providing a cleaner interface; therefore we removed most of the “marketplace” features from store & product pages.

Why is Sellfy awesome for creators?

Sellfy makes it easy to sell your digital goods.

We, unlike marketplaces that make you one of a million, provide you with the tools that highlight your uniqueness and individuality. Every creator who opens their store on Sellfy is a personality, and we choose to foster that. When you talk about a product on your social media channels, you know your audience will be lead to your store, with your brand, telling your story and showing off your products. Nobody else’s.

To ensure all the above, we pay a lot of attention to developing features that go together with our mission. You can customize your store to your liking, connect with and grow your audience in a tribe-focused way, use apps that help your business grow and be more productive, and more. And all this happens while we handle the boring stuff: product storage, payments, product delivery, and security.

How to search for products and stores that are hosted on Sellfy?

Don’t give up just yet. You can still find and buy from your favorite sellers. There are a couple of things you can do to be able to find what you're looking for. Whether it’s LUTs, a YouTube banner or a special Japanese-style font.

To look for particular product categories among our sellers' stores, use Google search and type in Sellfy: before the keyword(s).

For example, to look for fitness plans, type “Sellfy: fitness plan”. Similarly, you can search for a variety of keywords related to the products you'd like to purchase.

We also suggest that you follow your favorite sellers on their social media channels so that you know when they release a new product. You can find the social icons in the footer of their store.

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