How to Set up Stripe to collect subscription payments?

So you've decided to sell subscription products and you've already understood how to create subscription products on your Sellfy store. Receiving payments for subscription products is different from regular payments, so you'll need to take some extra steps to configure your Stripe account to receive recurring payments.

Follow these steps to configure your Stripe account for receiving subscription payments:

1. Log into your Stripe account:,

2. Go to 'Developers' → "Webhooks" and click on the "Add endpoint" button in the top right corner,

3.1 Enter this webhook URL : in the 'URL to be called' field,

3.2 Select Webhook version 2018-05-21,

This will allow Sellfy to process payment information sent by Stripe and, consequently, generate and deliver product download links to your end-customers.

4. Click "Add endpoint" to save the changes,

5. Make sure your Webhooks section looks exactly like this:

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