Is Sellfy safe?

Sellfy provides e-commerce services since 2011 and has been working relentlessly to maintain the highest standard of content and personal data protection.

Over 300,000 creators have trusted us to host and deliver content they create so that millions of their customers can purchase and download their products with ease. We are continuously developing our platform to serve them even better.

Sellers can benefit from having their product files stored on one of the most secure hosting services available where they are kept safe and secure. Plus, sellers can track the use of each download link we issue to their customers.  Buyers are provided with payment protection and are always able to request refunds if they're disappointed with a purchase.

Additionally, Sellfy is GDPR compliant, and all sellers have the tools needed to protect their customers' data.

Here are the specific strategies and tools we use to ensure protection for our users and their files:

  • Protected downloads

Each purchase auto-generates a unique download link that is restricted to 5 download attempts, or the customer can create a buyer's account on Sellfy to access their purchase more easily there.

  • PDF stamping

We offer a special piracy prevention feature for PDF files. It automatically stamps every single page of the PDF file with the buyer's email address.

  • Secure hosting

All your files and data are securely stored on Amazon AWS which is among the most secure hosting solutions.

  • SSL encrypted

Your customers’ personal information is protected and securely transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology.

  • Secure payment information

Your payment details are always safe. We work closely with the most trusted payment platforms such as Paypal or Stripe for payment processing, and we do not keep payment details directly on our servers.

  • Secure Checkout

All payment processing is done through PayPal or Stripe, which provide top security checkout experiences.

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