How to use YouTube Cards and End Screens?

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What are YouTube Cards?

How to create YouTube Cards

What are YouTube Endscreens?

How to create YouTube Endscreens

FAQ for YouTube Cards and Endscreens

What are YouTube Cards?

If you have a YouTube channel and you are looking to advertise your products with your videos, while offering your customers a direct link to the product during the video, then cards are perfect for you! You can increase sales and store traffic overall. We've become a verified partner with YouTube so that you can insert your product URL directly into your video to promote it. 

After you've added a card to a video, the card will appear on the screen. Your customer can click on it and check out the product for purchase right then, as you're explaining the product! They can be added at any point in your video, the timing is your choice. You can add up to five of these cards in one video, total.

How to create YouTube cards

  1. In your YouTube account go to your Video Manager.
  2. Find the video you want to add cards to and select Edit.
  3. In the tab bar at the top, select Cards.
  4. Select Add card.
  5. Next to the Link card option, select Create.
  6. Enter the URL where you want viewers to be sent from the card.
  7. At this point, you can upload an image or select one of the suggestions from the site. The uploaded image will need to be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format and no larger than 5MB.
  8. Next, you can edit the title, call to action, and any other text. You can change the start time for the card in the timeline below the video.
  9. Select Create card.

What are YouTube Endscreens?

If you have a YouTube channel and you're looking to drive more traffic to your store, gain more subscribers, and increase your store traffic overall while offering a short-length video clip at the end of your own YouTube video, then Endscreens are perfect for you! We've become a verified partner with YouTube so that you can directly link to your products through a YouTube Endscreen.

An Endscreen will show after your YouTube video, for 5-20 seconds. Perhaps you don't want to add Cards to your video, and would rather use an Endscreen because the Card might distract from the video or you prefer to consolidate the purchase links and other info after you're done communicating to your YouTube audience. You can encourage viewers to subscribe, recommend other videos, and best of all, you can send them directly to your products to purchase!

How to create YouTube Endscreens

Note: In order to use an Endscreen, your video will need to be at least 25 seconds long.

  1. In your YouTube account, select the Videos page and select a video.
  2. From the left menu, select Editor.
  3. Select Add an end screen.
  4. You'll be able to add up to four elements to your Endscreen.
  5. Select an element by clicking it in the end screen row of the Editor.
  6. To the left of your video, find the element type dropdown.
  7. Select the element type Link to link to your products.

FAQ for YouTube Cards and Endscreens

Can I use both a YouTube Card and an Endscreen on the same video? 

Yes! You can add both to the same video. But, we recommend not adding too many distractions, so that your viewers can still follow the main points covered in your video.

Can my customers see these on mobile and desktop? 

Yes! These are visible from both desktop and mobile, making them super effective.

Can I add a link to my store? 

The links used with Cards and the Endscreen are intended to be direct product links. If you want to include a link to your own store website, you would need to have a custom domain with your Sellfy store and become a partner with YouTube. You can read more here. Otherwise, we made it super simple to connect to your products on Sellfy!

Can I see how much traffic I've had to visit my store from my YouTube links?

Yes, you can see your traffic sources and the number of visitors on your Analytics page. Even better, you can see the conversion rate for this traffic. That will tell you how often they're purchasing the products after viewing!
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