How to connect custom root/naked domain

If your domain registrar (for example GoDaddy) doesn't support root domains (e.g. @ symbol) to be assigned as CNAME's, you can get around it by connecting (www is a subdomain) to your Sellfy store and create a permanent redirect from "" to "".

To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Create new CNAME DNS record with host www which points to

2. Set up your root/naked domain forwarding to (Replace with your actual domain name)
Screenshot-2019-04-02-at-21-49-34.pngIf everything is set up correctly, both and should now bring you at Sellfy and you should see this  page  when you visit your domain name:

Screenshot-2019-04-02-at-22-19-10.pngNow you are ready to connect your domain to your Sellfy store You do this by logging into your Sellfy account and adding your custom domain in your store's general settings:

Screenshot-2019-04-02-at-22-23-54.pngOnce we verify that your setup is correct, your custom domain will be connected to your Sellfy store.

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