Sellfy Professional (PRO) plan

Creators who choose to go PRO are serious about growing their business. With PRO plan you can upload unlimited amount of products, enjoy a lower 2% transaction fee, use our email marketing service to communicate with your customers and more.

Example: I expect to sell $500 worth of products in the next 30 days. Which plan should I choose? 

With PRO plan you'll pay a total of $25. Fixed fee of $15 and $10 in transaction fees. With Starter plan, you'll pay the same $25 in transaction fees. Only difference - with PRO plan you'll get access to all the extra features  and  if you end up selling more - you'll actually save on fees.

What features are included in PRO plan?

We're constantly working on improving the PRO plan and making it even more useful for our users. Currently, the following list of features is included:

Unlimited products

Upload and sell as many products as you want. We don’t limit the bandwidth or size of your files too! Just keep in mind that modern browsers don’t play nice with files larger than 2GB.

Small 2% transaction fee

As a reward you for your support, we lower PRO users transaction fee from the usual 5% to only 2% per transaction. Lower transaction fee means you can focus on creating more awesome products and promoting it, instead of counting the fees.

Email marketing

Reach a small segment of your customers or send a broadcast campaign to all your fans with our email marketing tool. Send upselling offers, product updates and more. No need to pay for any 3rd party tool - Sellfy has you covered.

PDF stamping

Worried your ebook will be shared after purchase, without your permission? Automatically add buyer's email address to every page of your pdf, so each customer gets a uniquely marked file.

Additional currencies

Don’t want to sell in global currencies like USD, EUR, GBP and JPY? With Sellfy PRO you can accept payments in 18 additional currencies. Set prices of your goods in one of these currencies: AUD, BRL, CAD, CZK, DKK, HKD, ILS, MXN, NOK, NZD, PHP, PLN, RUB, SGD, SEK, CHF, THB or TRY.

Advanced store customization

You are in control of your store’s looks. It doesn’t have to resemble any other store on Sellfy. You have the tools to totally change the look and feel of your shop.

Images in product description

You’re in full control when it comes to displaying your products. Want to mix that product description section with more product images? Visitors won’t even need to click, just scroll. Useful when you want to improve conversions for visitors viewing your store from their mobile device.

PayPal Express checkout

Offer easier, faster checkout with PayPal Express Checkout or use Stripe payment gateway for smooth credit card payments.

How can I subscribe to PRO plan?

The price for the PRO plan is $15 per month. You can subscribe to the PRO plan from our Pricing page.

Can I try PRO features for free?

Currently, PRO features are only available to users on the Sellfy PRO plan. For those of you just starting out or looking to see what Sellfy has to offer, we recommend signing up for the Starter plan. Most of the core features will still be available.

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