What is Direct Traffic in Analytics?

The  Analytics section lets you keep track of all your product metrics, including views, sales, and revenue in one place. This section also displays a number of traffic sources. Out of these, Direct traffic may be the most challenging to understand. The exhaustive list below shows the sources that can account for your Direct traffic:

  • User types in a URL
  • User clicks on a bookmark
  • User clicks on a link in an e-mail software
  • User clicks on a link in Skype or other desktop messengers
  • User clicks on a link in a PDF, DocX, ODF, XLSX or a different type of document
  • User clicks on a link in a mobile app (all social network apps included)
  • User clicks on a link from a secured site to your non-secured site 
  • User clicks through a URL-shortener or in a different scenario where specific JS is being used (rare)
  • User clicks on a link in any desktop software in general
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