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My purchase shows 0 downloads left

Can I get more downloads?

I can't reset my downloads

My purchase shows 0 downloads left

Each download link is set to five download attempts. When the limit runs out, the download button is disabled and greyed out with 0 downloads left. 

It is likely that you ran out of download attempts because you're having trouble downloading the file. No worries, you don't need to buy the product again, you just need to reset the download link. 

Note: Before you try downloading again, you need to make sure the download issues are resolved first. Click here for help.

Here are the common causes for the download limit running out:

Clicking on the download button repeatedly, without the download process initiating. 

  • Each click takes away a download attempt, even if the download doesn't start. Wait for the first download to start, or use a different browser if it still doesn't work. Make sure you have a strong and stable internet connection and an updated browser when downloading files.

Opening and viewing the file on your smartphone or tablet.

  • The product files are meant to be downloaded and stored on your mobile device, they're not meant for streaming. Make sure you download the file before you open it for viewing. Click here to get help with downloading and storing the file on your mobile device.

Problems with downloading on a computer. 

  • Typically, issues when downloading to a desktop are related to the browser, software/application or file format. See this article here for more help.

Problems with downloading to Dropbox. 

  • Dropbox can save files of up to 350MB, so larger files have to be downloaded directly to a device or computer. Dropbox won't open .zip or .rar files, so download directly to your device and computer to extract them, and then transfer them to Dropbox. For more help with downloading to Dropbox, click here.

Can I get more downloads?

Yes, you can get more downloads. To get a new download link:

  1. Click on the "0 downloads left" > Reset attempts
  2. Go to your email inbox > Verify device
  3. A new tab opens with fresh downloads

Important! the new link will only work from the same device from which you reset your download attempts.

I can't reset my downloads

If you have any problems getting a file downloaded, you can find help here.

If you're having trouble resetting your downloads, please contact us here or write to [email protected]

In your message, please provide:

  • The transaction ID for the purchase or free download
  • A description of the problems 
  • A screenshot of the error message if possible
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