My product won't open

If you have successfully downloaded your product but can't open it, consider these points:

  • Make sure you are opening the file on a device that supports the file format. For example, .zip and .rar and other specific files won't open on your mobile phone or tablet without special apps. You may need to use your computer to download and extract the files.
  • You may use the "Save to Dropbox" feature to download directly to your Dropbox account (this will only work for products that are less than ~350MB in file size). 
  • See if you recognize the file format and have the necessary software to open it. If you don't, contact the seller for help.

You can contact the seller in two ways:

  1. Through the Download page by clicking on the Contact link located on the header;
  2. Through the seller's store page by clicking on the Contact link located below the header.

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