Managing subscription purchases

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What is a subscription purchase?

How to cancel a subscription purchase

How to cancel through PayPal

What is a subscription purchase?

A subscription purchase means you've subscribed to a seller's product or service. You'll pay for the product or service on a recurring basis. The price and payment intervals are determined by the seller and will be outlined in the product description and payment details.

If you have any questions about any aspects of your subscription, you'll need to contact the seller. You can do this through the contact form on their Sellfy store, social media, their website.

How to cancel a subscription purchase?

Important! Once you cancel, the download link will be deactivated and it won't be possible to download the item again or reverse the cancellation.

To cancel your subscription to a seller's product:

  1. Go to the product download page
  2. Click on Purchase details
  3. On the purchase details page, click Cancel my subscription

How to cancel through PayPal 

If you've paid for the subscription purchase using PayPal, you can log into your PayPal account to manage your subscriptions. 

You'll be able to cancel the subscription purchase in the Payments section of your PaPal account.

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