Store owner questions

Getting started

account setup, product uploading, store customization

15 articles

Adding products

product guidelines, product display, upload issues

18 articles

Payment collection

collecting payments, invoices, payment issues, refunds, taxes

6 articles

Print on demand merchandise

how it works, available product selection, and shipping info

8 articles


shopping cart, discounts, email marketing & other valuable tools

20 articles


connecting with other services and apps

8 articles


adding our tools to your website

3 articles

Account management

account email, billing, expired subscription, deletion

7 articles

Sellfy app on Wix

Setting up, adding products, button customization, cancelation

1 article

Service updates and changes

major updates and changes that affect all Sellfy subscribers

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Other questions

additional helpful tips and info

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previous and grandfathered-in subscription plans and features.

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Buyer questions

Downloading issues

download problems, device downloads, pending orders, .zip or .rar formats

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Purchasing issues

payment methods, payment problems

3 articles

Product related issues

product opening problems, refunds, reporting bad products

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