Store owner questions

Getting started

account setup, product upload, store customisation

13 articles

Account management

account email, billing, expired subscription, deletion

6 articles

Adding products

product guidelines, product display, upload issues

14 articles

Payment collection

collecting payments, invoices, payment issues, refunds, taxes

10 articles


shopping cart, discounts, email marketing & other valuable tools

10 articles


connecting with other services and apps

8 articles


adding our tools to your website

3 articles

Sellfy app on Wix

setting up, adding products, button customization, cancelation

2 articles

Buyer questions

About Sellfy

Sellfy for buyers, available payment methods

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Downloading issues

download problems, device downloads, pending orders, .zip or .rar formats

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Purchasing issues

payment methods, payment problems

3 articles

Product related issues

product opening problems, refunds, reporting bad products

5 articles

Buyer accounts

purchases list, password reset, account deletion

4 articles