Your store link will become a subdomain of Sellfy (March-May 2021)

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Will this affect my custom domain?


What changes are being made

Note: You won't need to do anything for this update. Our team will transition the store links, seamlessly. There will be no interruption for your store or customers.   

Your Sellfy store link, the URL to your store, will look different after this update.

You'll notice that rather than the store link coming after, it will now be placed before This change means that your store link is now a subdomain and it is considered a separate and unique domain.

Here is an example of the change:

What is a subdomain?

A subdomain is a part of a domain that acts as an extension of a domain, but it is considered a completely unique web address. 

Subdomains are often used to organize website content, within the same domain. For example, and are considered different addresses, but can both be used by the owners of In this case, your subdomain of Sellfy will be unique to your store, so that you can make it your own!

When is this being changed?

This update for all newly created accounts has taken place on March 28th, 2021. This means anyone who creates a new Sellfy account after this date will be using the subdomain setup.

The update for existing users and accounts will occur on May 13th. Our team will make sure to provide in-account notifications of the approaching dates so that you're well aware! But, for any questions, you can email us at [email protected].

Why is this being updated?

There are two primary reasons why this update is taking place.

First and foremost, this change will allow you to have much more control over the content of your Sellfy store. You'll have additional options, like embedding custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Did you want to embed YouTube videos? This will now be one of the many possibilities with the update!

Secondly, the update will allow you to satisfy the new requirements being put in place by Facebook. This will allow you to continue to use Facebook Ads for your store, uninterrupted. To read more about how to verify your new subdomain ownership, you can visit Facebook's site here.

If your store has a custom domain, you won't notice any changes.
If your store uses the Sellfy store link, then you'll notice the name update. But, we'll take care of the link changes. That means that all of your old store links will be automatically redirected to your new store name. There won't be any interruption for your customers!

Your product links will be adjusted, just as the store link will be changed. They will keep the same product slug or URL ending, but the domain will be updated.

All product links will be automatically redirected. You won't need to make any changes!

Will this affect my custom domain?

This update will not affect anyone that is using a custom domain on their Sellfy store. Your custom domain will remain on your Sellfy store. You won't notice any changes.
But, you will get all the benefits of the update, like being able to edit the code on your store!


Q. Do I need to do anything for this update?

A. No, our team will take care of everything for this update. The update will be seamless and you will not need to update any links. All links from your previous store will be redirected to your new subdomain.

Q. Can I keep my store name the same? 

A. Your chosen store name will stay the same, but it will look different. The store name will now come before Sellfy, rather than after Sellfy.

Q. Can I opt out of this update?

A. No, all stores will be updated to the new URL setup. We know change is difficult and uncomfortable, but this opens up a lot more opportunities for your store in the future! 

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