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Shipping restrictions

Merchandise Shipping Info

Delivery times consist of the production time + shipping time. Printing and fulfillment are done on-demand, right when the order is placed. Once the product is ready to be shipped, it can take up to 20 business days for the item to arrive depending on your customer's location and the specific product that they ordered. 

The production time will vary, but 97.66% of our orders are printed and shipped within 5 business days. More than 50% of these orders are shipped within 3 business days or fewer.

Your customers will all receive confirmation emails after they complete their orders. These emails will provide them with tracking information. Though, tracking info quality may differ based on the local carrier's ability to provide this data.

How long does shipping take?

Important! Holiday shipping times are slower. To see shipping estimates for November and December, please see our article here.

Our fulfillment partners have multiple locations worldwide and the facility is chosen to provide the fastest fulfillment and shipping times to the end customer. Below you'll see a table that will provide estimates of how long garments take to arrive.

Non-Apparel Production Time Apparel Production Time Standard Shipping Delivery Time
United States 2-5 business days 2-7 business days 3-4 business days 5-11 business days    
Canada 2-5 business days 2-7 business days 6-10 business days 8-17 business days    
International 2-5 business days 2-7 business days 5-20 business days 7-27 business days    

Depending on your customer's location, they can be charged VAT, GST, and US sales taxes on top of the final price. These charges are added on top of the price you set for the item and are covered by the end customer.

Note: Once your customer's order is dispatched, we'll provide the tracking number. The tracking information is available in your Sellfy account on the order page and can be viewed by the customer on their order Confirmation page.

How much does shipping cost?

Your customers will pay for the full cost of shipping and these shipping rates will vary by their location and the item(s) being shipped. Please see the costs below, separated into the shipping prices for the first product ordered and the shipping prices for additional items. Keep in mind that as of July 2021, items being shipped to countries in the EU will require VAT to be added to the shipping cost, as well.

  • If your customer has ordered one item they will pay for the first product cost.
  • If your customer has ordered more than one item, they will pay the highest or most expensive first product cost along with the lesser cost of an additional item(s).
USA Europe EFTA States Canada Australia & NZ Japan Worldwide
First product $3.99 $4.59 $9.99 $6.99 $7.19 $4.39 $11.99
Additional product $2.00 $1.45 $1.10 $1.95 $1.30 $1.50 $6.00
Hoodies & Sweatshirts
First product $7.99 $6.99 $10.99 $6.99 $11.29 $6.99 $16.99
Additional product $2.50 $2.40 $2.20 $1.95 $2.05 $2.40 $8.00
Phone cases
First product $3.99 $4.09
$9.49 $6.29 $5.19 $4.99 $6.99
Additional product $0.75 $1.15
$0.83 $1.10 $1.05 $1.00 $3.00
White Mugs
First product $6.99 $5.79
$10.99 $8.29 $9.19 $5.89 $12.99
Additional product $4.00 $2.05
$1.65 $5.15 $4.10 $1.80 $7.00
Enamel Mugs
First product $3.99 $4.59
$9.99 $6.99 $7.19 $4.39 $11.99
Additional product $2.00 $1.45
$1.09 $1.95 $1.30 $1.50 $6.00
First product $4.50 $4.09 $9.99 $7.69 $9.09 $8.99 $9.09
Additional product $0.15 $0.07 $0.07 $0.10 $0.10 $0.15 $0.25
First product $4.99 - $5.99 $5.79 - $6.89
$10.49 - $10.99 $5.19 - $6.29 $5.99 - $6.99 $8.99 - $9.99 $11.99 - $13.99
Additional product $0.40 $0.30 - $0.60 $0.40 - $10.49 $0.30 $0.30 $0.25 $1.00
Framed Posters*
First product $10.49 - $29.99 $7.49 - $24.19 $10.99 - $49.99 $11.39 - $51.49 $9.19 - $30.69 $20.79 - $50.99 $15.99 - $50.99
Additional product $4.50 - $14.95 $4.90 - $13.00 $4.40 - $24.95 $6.25 - $25.75 $4.10 - $15.35 $7.85 - $26.00 $8.00 - $26.00
First product $10.49 - $29.99 $7.49 - $24.19
$20.79 - $50.99 $11.39 - $51.49 $9.19 - $30.69 $10.99 - $49.95 $15.99 - $50.99
Additional product $4.50 - $14.95 $4.90 - $13.00
$4.40 - $26.99 $6.25 - $25.75 $4.10 - $15.35 $4.00 - $24.95 $8.00 - $26.00
Tote bags
First product $3.99 $4.59
$9.99 $6.99 $7.19 $4.39 $11.99
Additional product $2.00
$1.10 $1.95 $1.30 $1.50 $6.00

*Prices for Posters, Framed Posters and Canvas will vary based on size

Can I select the fulfillment center for my orders?

Unfortunately, no, it's not possible to choose a certain fulfillment location. Our fulfillment partners have multiple locations worldwide and the nearest possible facility is chosen to provide the fastest fulfillment for your customer. But, due to product availability, the facility used for fulfillment may be located in a country outside your customer's location.  

What if an order is lost in the mail?

If your customer reports that an order has not been delivered or if an order has been confirmed to be lost by the mail carrier, please contact our team as soon as possible. 

We will happily send a replacement order, free of charge. But, we do require that these missing packages be reported  within 4 weeks of the date it was shipped.

To notify us of a missing package, you can contact us through the order page in your Orders section or you can email us at [email protected].

Can my customers return or exchange items?

Important! Customers are not able to return or exchange any items. Each product is custom printed at the time of their order. We recommend including this information, or a disclaimer in your product description, storefront, or website.

Unfortunately, it's not possible for your customers to exchange or return their custom-ordered merchandise.

For this reason, when you are selling print-on-demand products with Sellfy, we highly recommend that you provide information or a disclaimer for your customers stating that items can not be returned or exchanged. You can place this info in your product description, on your store pages, and/or on the terms and conditions page. Each item is printed and custom-made at the time of their order.

If an item cannot be delivered or is rejected by the customer, it will come back to our production facility. All items that are returned to the facility will be donated to charity.

You may choose to offer a customer a refund. However, you are still responsible for the fulfillment cost to Sellfy. Even if you issue a refund, the original fulfillment cost of the merchandise that was paid to Sellfy will not be affected.

What if the product arrives damaged?

If any print-on-demand merchandise arrives damaged or has a serious quality issue, we can help.

You can contact us by going to your  Orders > choose the order > Report a problem, or you can email us via [email protected] with both:

  • The order ID number and/or your customer's name and email address
  • An image of the damaged or poor-quality item

We'd be happy to issue a refund or replace the product at no cost to you or your customer.

If a  refund is chosen, this will include two steps:

  1. Sellfy will refund the amount collected for the order cost to you
  2. You will use either Stripe or PayPal to issue a refund to your customer

Unfortunately, it's not technically possible for us to directly refund your customer. But, it's easy for you to do this through the payment processor.

  • If your customer purchased a product using a credit or debit card, here's is how you can issue a refund via Stripe.
  • If a product was purchased via PayPal, here you can find detailed instructions on how to refund payment inside your PayPal account.

Shipping Restrictions

Note: We're not able to ship to PO boxes or APO/FPO. Customers must provide a physical address for delivery.

Due to restrictions regarding shipping, we will not be able to ship any print-on-demand products to the following countries:

  • Crimea, Luhansk, and Donetsk regions in Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • The Gaza Strip region in Palestine
  • Ecuador
  • Cuba
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • North Korea 

Due to the impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic and other unrelated service disruptions, shipping may be limited or disturbed to the following countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Belarus
  • Greece
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Laos
  • Macao
  • Mexico
  • Myanmar
  • Niue
  • Russia
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Ukraine
  • Yemen

If you have an affected customer, we will contact you about the order.

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