How do I get a refund?

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Why doesn't Sellfy process refunds?

How can I request a refund for my purchase?

Why doesn't Sellfy process refunds?

Sellfy cannot directly process your refund because Sellfy doesn't process payments. 

When you purchase a product, your money goes straight into the seller's PayPal or Stripe account, and therefore we can't issue refunds ourselves. 

Note: If you're experiencing product-related issues, you may want to contact the seller first to resolve the problem before requesting a refund. 

If you're wanting to request a refund due to download issues, please refer to this article here for help. If you can't resolve the issue on your own, feel free to reach out to Sellfy Support here for assistance.

Important! Sellfy can help troubleshoot download-related issues only. For product-specific inquires, you must contact the seller.

How can I request a refund for my purchase?

If you are certain that you want to request a refund because you're dissatisfied with the product or purchased the product by accident, please refer to the instructions below to seek a refund.

Note: If you have downloaded the product files successfully to your device prior to requesting a refund, you may be required to provide specific details and screenshots explaining the reason for requesting your money back.

You can request a refund in two ways:

  1. Contact the seller directly to inquire about a refund
  2. Request a refund through the payment processor (either PayPal or your bank depending on which checkout method you used)

1. Contact the seller directly to inquire about a refund 

Here are different ways how you can contact a seller:

  • Go to the download page and press Contact in the top left corner to send them a message.
  • Go to their store page/website and press Contact to fill out the contact form.
  • Refer to the product description to see if they offer a support email to contact them.
  • Visit their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to send them a message.

2. Request a refund through the payment processor

If the seller doesn't provide a Contact Form, doesn't reply to you in a timely manner, or refuses to issue you a refund you have one of two options:

  • If you've purchased the product using Stripe (credit card) you can contact your bank to reverse the order.
    • Online banking typically offers the option to dispute individual transactions. If this is not the case with your bank, please contact them directly via email or phone.
  • If you paid using PayPal, you can open a PayPal dispute case.
    • It's essential that you provide them with as much detail as possible - screenshots of error messages, messages with the seller, etc. 

If you feel that you need to report a scam please contact [email protected] with the details.

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