Zapier filtering

In this article, you'll find out how you can collect more information about your product orders. For more general information about using the Zapier integration with Sellfy, go to this article:

Here's how you can add the next filter that will differentiate your purchases by product:

1. Click on the 'plus' icon in the sidebar,

2. Select " Add a Filter or an Action",

3) Select 'Filter',

4) In the Filter Setup & Testing step, select "Products key" from the first drop-down,

4) Select "(Text) Is In" from the second drop-down list (the middle one),

5) Provide one or multiple product keys in the last text field. (If you want this Zap to run for multiple products, add multiple product keys, separated by a comma). The next 2 images below show you how to retrieve the product keys - it's a part of the product page URL. 

6) After this step, you can add any other "Action" steps to your Zaps. These Zaps will now run for the products whose keys are provided in the "Filter" step.

Note: If you'd rather run the Zap for all products, except one or a few, in the filter step, you can change the second drop-down value from "(Text) Is In" to "(Text) Is Not In". That way, you can filter out some products, making it easier to set it up. The filtered out products will not activate this Zap.

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