Product Categories - How to categorize products in your store

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How the Categories feature works

Create, delete, and hide Categories

Categorizing products

Check which products are in a category

Remove a product from a category

Filter the Categories and products shown

Change the order of Categories menu

Add a Category as a Store Page

How the Categories feature works

This feature allows you to categorize your products any way you'd like! If you have numerous products or product types, this makes it easier for your customers to navigate your products and select what they want to buy.

You'll create each category and add products to each. Categories will then be displayed on your store page, in the store menu. By clicking on each category, your customers will be able to see only the products within the selected category.

Here's an example of a store using this feature.

Create, delete and hide Categories

Creating, modifying, and removing Categories is simple! See the video or find the steps for each, below.

Create a category

To add a category, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Store settings > Product Categories
  2. Click Add new > enter the Title and slug
  3. Click Save

You can also create a new category when adding a product, with the Product editor. When editing a product, click  Select a product category > select +Add new in the drop-down menu

Delete a Category

  1. Go to Store Settings > Product Categories
  2. Select the category you want to delete
  3. Click Delete

Hide a Category

  1. Go to Store Settings > Product Categories
  2. Select the category you want to hide
  3. Turn off the toggle switch (grey is OFF)
  4. Click Save

Categorizing products

Products can be added to, removed from, or even excluded from Categories.

How to check which products are in a category

There are two ways to check what products are added to each category:

  1. Go to Store Settings > Product Categories
  2. Select the category you want to see
  3. Click View category

You'll be taken to your store page with the selected category and the products it contains.

Remove a product from a category

If you wish to remove a product from a category without assigning it to another category, simply select No category from the dropdown and click Save product.

Change the order of the Categories menu

You can re-order the menu where your categories are shown. To change the positioning of your product categories in the menu:

  1. Open the Store Customizer > click on the Navigation menu
  2. Scroll down to Menu items
  3. Drag and drop items
  4. Publish

Add a product category as a store page

If you're using Categories for your products, you may want to create a page for a particular category that customers can access from the Navigation menu. That way, only products belonging to the selected category will be shown on this page. 

To do this:

  1. Go to Store SettingsCustomize store
  2. Navigate to Home > Navigation 
  3. Click Add link > Choose type CATEGORY  
  4. Enter the page name in the Link title (we recommend using the same title as you used for the category)  
  5. Select the desired category from the dropdown > Save link 
  6. Publish
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