How to set up my Store?

Here's what you need to do to set up the very basics of your store:

1.     Click "Open my store" on to register

2.     Choose your pricing plan ( Starter or Professional)

3.     Verify your email address 

Note: All accounts go through an email verification process. If you have not received a verification email, you can send out a new one in "Account Settings" ( by clicking on "Resend verification" button next to the email entry field. 

Important: your account may go through a manual approval process by our content managers before you can start selling your products. This is to ensure that the products sold on Sellfy comply with our own Terms, Copyright Acts, PayPal Policies and other rules. This process normally takes up to 24 hours. During weekends it may be longer.

4.      Add info about your Store 

  • Go to Dashboard -> "Store Settings"
  • Click "Content" and add relevant information about your Store
  •  Edit your "Thank you email" that will go out to your buyers after purchase

Note: To adjust your account email address, username and password go to "Account Settings" (by clicking on the avatar on the top right corner)

Important: make sure the information you provide on your Sellfy account is clear and on point. Starting from a catchy username to describing your products, your customers need to know that they can trust you and understand what they are buying.

5.     Enable payment methods

Go to "Payment Options" and add your preferred currency + PayPal email address

Note: Before you start selling you need to make sure you have a fully functioning PayPal account and integrate it with your Sellfy account. Otherwise, your customers won't be able to buy anything from you!  Here's a quick guide on how to set up the payment methods.

6.      Customize the visual appearance of your store by using our Customization tool 

  • Go to Dashboard -> "Store Settings" -> "Customize"

Before you begin, prepare the following assets:

- Header image 1920 x 350 px (suggested)

- Logo image 160 x 160 px (suggested)

- Your website address and your social links

Now you are ready to add your first product,  here's how.

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