How to set up my Store?

Here's what you need to set up the very basics of your store:

Create an account

Add information about your store

Add payment methods

Customize your store

Add your social media links

Create an account

  1. Click "Sign up" on to register a seller's account.
  2. Choose your Subscription plan to start selling your products. (during the 14-day trial period, the checkout is inactive)
  3. Verify your email address by pressing the "Verify my email address" button in the email you received from us.

Note: All accounts have to go through the email verification process. If you haven't received a verification email, you can send out a new one in the Account Settings by clicking on the "Resend verification" button next to the email entry field. If the email doesn't arrive even then, make sure you've entered your email address correctly and check the spam folders as well.

Add information about your store

Note: make sure the information you provide on your Sellfy account is clear and on point. Starting with a catchy username to describing your products, your customers need to know that they can trust you and understand what they are buying.

  • Select Store settingsStore pages and add relevant information about your store in the 'About' and 'Terms' pages.
  • Select Purchase Email to edit your "Thank you email" that will go out to your buyers after each purchase. 

Add payment methods

Note: Before you start selling, you need to make sure you have a fully functioning PayPal account and you need to integrate it with your Sellfy account. Otherwise, your customers won't be able to buy anything from you.

Go to Payment Settings and choose your primary account currency and enter your PayPal email address and/or Stripe keys. 

Here's more information on how to add PayPal to your Sellfy account.

Here's more information on how to add Stripe to your Sellfy account.

Customize your store

Before you begin, prepare the following assets:

  • Header image 1920 x 350 px (suggested)
  • Logo image 160 x 160 px (suggested)
  • Your website address and your social links

Here you can read more about our Customization feature

To add links to your social media channels:

  1. Go to Store settingsCustomization
  2. Go to the Your Social links section below
  3. Enter your social media links as shown in the examples.

Note: social media usernames will not work, so add full URLs that start with https://...

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