How to use a Custom Domain?

Take your store to the next level by adding a custom domain!  Whether you need to register a new domain or you have an already existing domain set up for your store, just follow these instructions.

1. Update domain DNS settings

Head over to your domain registrar (like GoDadddy, Namecheap or any other domain provider that you've purchased from) and enter these DNS records:

Root Domain DNS Configuration

A root domain, is a domain without a subdomain in front, e.g. is a root domain. Root domains are assigned in DNS records using the “@,” symbol. Create new CNAME record that points to

Note: Some domain registrars (for example GoDaddy) do not support root domains (e.g. @ symbol) to be assigned as CNAME's. To workaround this, you can use a DNS provider, like Cloudflare DNS or easyDNS (both have free plans). Otherwise, we recommend adding a subdomain, as seen below.

Subdomain DNS Configurations

A subdomain is a subdivision of your domain name. For example, if you want to use Sellfy at, "store" would be a subdomain of Create a new CNAME with a record that points to

2. Wait until your DNS settings are updated

It might take up to 24 hours for domain DNS settings to update.

Important note: when connecting your custom domain, all of your older Sellfy store and product links will be redirected to your new domain.

When entering your domain you will see this page below, it means that it now points to Sellfy and you are ready to switch your store over to your custom domain (step #3).

3. Add your custom domain in Sellfy settings

To add your custom domain for your Sellfy store, head over to the General store settings page and enter your domain in the "Custom domain" field and hit "Save". You may enter the root domain name like "" or a subdomain like "".


We will automatically generate an SSL certificate on your behalf using Let’s Encrypt.

Let's Encrypt is a certificate authority which can be used to generate totally free X.509 (SSL/TLS) certificates.

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