How do I use a Custom Domain?

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What is a custom domain?

Basic terms for custom domains

How to set up a custom domain with Sellfy

How does the SSL certificate work on Sellfy?

How to use forwarding settings

What is a custom domain?

Take your store to the next level by connecting a custom domain to your Sellfy store!  

Note: Custom domain names are not included with a Sellfy subscription. But, you can purchase a domain from an official domain registrar and connect the domain to your Sellfy account afterward.

When creating your Sellfy store, you'll choose a name for your store. This store name will be made into a subdomain of Sellfy, and that means that your chosen store name will be part of a URL or link that includes both "Sellfy" and "store". For example, if you name your Sellfy store Fancy Presets, then the online address for your store is

If you'd like to have more control over your domain name, associate your store with another website that you have, or if you'd like to have a URL that doesn't include "Sellfy" and "store", you can connect your own customized domain. Connecting a custom domain is the best way to "white label" your store. Instead of, your store URL could be or

Basic terms for custom domains

The following terms will be helpful to know when connecting your customized domain name.

DNS settings - DNS stands for the Domain Name System. The DNS settings will be the settings of your domain provider that allow you that add and edit records relating to your domain name. For example, the DNS settings are where you will add or edit your CNAME record.

CNAME record - A CNAME, also known as Canonical Name record, is a type of resource record in the Domain Name System (DNS). The CNAME record will point your domain name to another domain name. When connecting your domain to Sellfy, you are setting up a CNAME record.

Root domains - A root domain is a domain without a subdomain in front, for example is a root domain. Root domains are added in DNS records using the “@,” symbol. There are only a few domain providers that allow you to use a root domain with a CNAME record. Typically, you will need to set up a CNAME record with a subdomain.

Subdomains - A subdomain is a subdivision of your domain name. For example, if you want to use, "www" would be a subdomain of You can use any word you like as a subdomain.

Forwarding settings - Domain forwarding lets you automatically direct customers from one domain to another domain. For example, you can direct customers from to Forwarding settings can not be used to connect your custom domain, rather you can use them in addition to your CNAME record.

How to set up a Custom Domain with Sellfy

To see how to connect your custom domain to your Sellfy store please watch our instructional video or follow the step-by-step instructions provided.

You'll always connect your domain name using a CNAME record.

Steps for connecting a custom domain:

  1. Purchase or obtain a domain name
  2. Find out if your domain provider allows for a root domain or a subdomain in a CNAME record
  3. Go to your domain provider's DNS settings
  4. Create a CNAME record
    1. For the "name" or "host" field enter @ or your chosen subdomain
    2. For the "points to" or "value" field enter
    3. Save your record
  5. Go to your Store settings > General settings in your Sellfy account
  6. Type the domain name in the Custom domain field and press save
  7. Wait for DNS settings to update (typically 30 mins to 72 hours)

If you see the exclamation mark hazard symbol after saving your domain name, like in the image below, the record is not set up properly. Please look over your record for corrections or ask us for help at [email protected].

How does the SSL certificate work on Sellfy?

We will automatically generate an SSL certificate on your behalf using Let’s Encrypt at no extra cost.

Let's Encrypt is a certificate authority that can be used to generate totally free X.509 (SSL/TLS) certificates.

How to use forwarding settings

Important! Your custom domain can not be connected using only forwarding settings. To properly connect your domain you will use a CNAME record. The forwarding setting should be set up after your CNAME record has been set up.

Forwarding settings are optional, and they can be used to have more than one domain name direct customers to your Sellfy store.

This is useful if your domain provider only allows for subdomains to be used in the CNAME record. For example, you can set up forwarding settings so that your customers using both and will be directed to your Sellfy store.

To achieve this setup you'll forward your root domain to your subdomain (like forwarding to that's been connected to your Sellfy store. Forwarding settings should be both "permanent" and "forward only" or without masking.

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