How to use the product description editor?

Want to make your product descriptions look extra sharp? Now you can, our rich text formatting tool which will make your product presentation stand out.

Here's how to use the editor panel:

The end-result will look exactly the same as you've created it:

Here's a list of the available keyboard shortcuts while editing or creating your product:

Ctrl + B or Cmd ⌘ + B Apply Bold to selected text
Ctrl + I or Cmd ⌘ + I Apply Italic to selected text
Tab Used for lists, increases sub-level nest.
Shift + Tab Used for lists, decreases sub-level nest.
Ctrl + S or Cmd ⌘ + S Save/create product

How can one add hyperlinks in the product description?

You can do it by pasting the URL - it will convert into a link. Adding a link to text is not available.

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