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How can I enhance my product presentation?

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How can I enhance my product presentation?

Note: before you start working on a product presentation, make sure your content is in line with our Product Guidelines.

A good presentation can help you attract the right target audience, positively manage customer expectations and increase the discoverability of your products by making them search-engine-friendly. Dedicating additional time to improve your product presentation can go a long way.

There are 4 parts to consider when wanting to better the presentation of your products:

Product name

The title should help customers immediately understand what your product is about and should include accurate keywords that customers are likely to type into search engines like Google search. This is of great importance for your customers to be able to find your store and products online!

To get a clear and discoverable product title, try following this simple formula: 

Product name + Product type + Product variation (if any)

For example:  Culina + kitchen tools icons + black = Culina: kitchen tools icons with black lines.

The above is a great example of a descriptive product title and is considered to be a great practice for SEO purposes.

Product URL

Important! Product URLs for products added prior to 6 May 2020 will consist of a uniquely generated product key (a string of numbers and letters) rather than a customized product slug with the product name. You can manually customize the slug in the product editor for products uploaded before 6 May 2020 by re-editing the product name and saving the changes.

The product slug, also known as the product URL, is basically the web address for your product. We automatically include the name of your product in the URL. 

Essentially, the URL will consist of the word sellfy (unless you're using the custom domain feature), your Sellfy store name, and the product name separated by hyphens.  

So, the product name will be added at the end of the URL as a custom slug, as shown in the image below.

We automatically convert special characters and spaces for you so the slug will contain the name of the product separated by hyphens as demonstrated in the image below.

Product description

The product description is your chance to communicate with your audience about what you are offering. 

Note: Product descriptions are limited to a 1,000,000 character count. 

Once a customer has found your product and moves on to read the description, they want to know exactly what they are getting when purchasing your product. It's important to be clear about what the product does and does not deliver. This will not only help clients understand what they are buying but also help you prevent refund requests by ensuring your customers are happy with their purchase.

To compose a clear and compelling product description, put yourself in your customers' shoes. Try and provide the answers they may be looking for in your description and avoid any misunderstandings about what your product delivers. Write in simple and concise language that is easy to follow and understand. 

Here are the key elements of a well-rounded product description that you should include:

About the product

Tell your customers exactly what you're selling and what they'll get, including the file format. 

Product benefits

Describe the value your buyers will receive with this product, emphasize its unique features. 


Describe if buyers need to have any skills or programs to use your product. This will avoid possible frustration on their end.


If the product requires specific software or apps to use, make sure to provide product setup instructions. The more information you provide about the installing process, the more your clients know what to expect and understand what they'll need in order to use your product. 

Remember that some of your customers may be new to the type of product you're selling so giving this additional information may help them decide whether they want to make a purchase.

License information

If the product comes with a license, describe its terms and any product use limitations it may impose.  

Keywords for SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to the process of optimizing your content to achieve higher rankings in search results. We recommend that you write at least 300 words per description and use unique keywords that describe your products.

For some great SEO tips and make your products rank higher on Google and other search engines you can read our blog post. To gain more insight into customizing your product description with the rich text editor, click here

Product preview

Your product preview will serve as the first taste for your customers. Whatever type of preview you choose, images, video and/or audio, it should display precisely what your customer will get, in the best way possible. Essentially, it’s a very short version of your product description.

It's vital to have high-quality content presenting your product, so make sure to follow our size and dimensions recommendations for best results.

You can use YouTube, Vimeo or SoundCloud for your product preview. To find out more about how to add these media types to your product preview, click here

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