How to recover an expired account and re-activate your store?

To be able to use our services, you need to cover the monthly costs for using any of our paid plans. In case it's not possible for you to pay a monthly bill, your account will be subject to expiration after 14 days of non-payment. 

During the 14 days, you will receive emails urging you to pay the due invoice. It's called the dunning process, and here's how it works:

1. As usual, when a new billing cycle begins, an invoice is sent to your email. Plus, you can see your previous and pending charges and their status in the 'Billing history' subsection of the  'Billing' section of your account;

2. If you fail to pay the due invoice on the 1st day of collection, then we try to collect the payment repeatedly during 14 day dunning period.

3. On the 14th day of non-payment, your subscription expires, your store is disabled and you are required to start over with a new upgrade. However, your products and all previous data stay intact in our system for 30 more days; 

4. To pay the outstanding invoice(s), update the Billing information in your account in the  'Billing' section. Make sure the new payment method has enough funds and no restrictions on automatic recurring payments; 

5. Once the outstanding payment is cleared, you need to re-upgrade to one of our paid plans to activate your

Then, if your store is not re-activated, reach out to us via [email protected], and we'll help you out.

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