How to recover an expired subscription

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Why is my subscription expired?

What happens if I miss a payment?

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How to recover an expired account

Why is my subscription expired?

Note: In order to use our services continuously and keep your store active, you are required to cover the monthly cost of the subscription plan you selected when you signed up.

If you've logged in to your account but your store is not active, it means that your current subscription has expired. 

Your subscription expires if the monthly payment and/or fees associated with your subscription plan weren't covered at the beginning of your new billing cycle. As a result, you've missed the payment covering the monthly cost of keeping your subscription and store active.

Here's a list of possible scenarios that can result in missing a payment:

  • Your account did not have sufficient funds
  • You changed bank providers
  • Issues related to your PayPal account
  • You accidentally cancelled recurring payments in your PayPal and/or bank account

The above are potential causes and not a finite list of reasons that apply in cases of missed payments. Regardless of the cause, if Sellfy is unable to collect the monthly payment from your account, your subscription will expire. If you fail to make the due payment within the dunning period (14 days), your account subscription will end and your store will be disabled.

If your subscription has expired, you'll see a red banner at the top of your Dashboard when logged in.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If you miss a payment for any reason, your store  will not be closed immediately. Your account will be subject to expiration only after 14 days of non-payment. Sellfy allows for a 14-day dunning period during which you will receive emails urging you to pay the due invoice. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. As usual, when a new billing cycle begins, an invoice is sent to your email. Plus, you can see your previous and pending charges and their status in the Billing history subsection of the Billing section of your account.
  2. If you fail to pay the due invoice on the 1st day of collection, then we try to collect the payment repeatedly during the 14 day dunning period.
  3. On the 14th day of non-payment, your subscription expires, your store is disabled and you are required to start over with a new upgrade. However, your products and all previous data stay intact in our system for 30 more days.

What is a dunning period?

A dunning period is a time during which we try to communicate and resolve payment problems with you after you've missed a payment. Sellfy provides this 14-day period to rectify any payment-related issues without penalizing the account owner (disabling the store). As mentioned in the previous section, we'll send you reminders to pay the due invoice in order to avoid having to deactivate your store.

How to recover an expired account

Important! If your Sellfy account has expired and you choose to not reactivate your store within 30 days, we will need to delete all product files stored on our servers that you have uploaded to your account.

Whether you've missed a payment accidentally or were not able to cover the cost at the time, you can choose to re-subscribe and recover your account at any time thereafter. To do so, you need to update your payment information in the Billing section of your Sellfy account.

Note: You must update the payment information section in your Sellfy account before you can re-upgrade. You can use the exact same payment method and information as before but you'll have to re-enter and save it first. After you've filled in and saved your payment information you can choose to re-upgrade your subscription through one of the two methods.

To start a new subscription and re-activate your account, follow the instructions:

  1. Log in to your Sellfy account
  2. Navigate to Account → Billing
  3. Click Update to the right of Payment Information
  4. Enter your payment information 
  5. Once filled in, click Update at the bottom to save the information
  6. Select a new plan in your billing section or on the Sellfy Pricing page

Once you've successfully re-upgraded your account with a new subscription, your store will be activated once again. Your store information and account settings will remain the same as before. 

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