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What is a PDF stamp

A PDF stamp is a security measure that has proven to be a successful method against piracy. It discourages buyers from sharing your product elsewhere online because their credentials will be available for everyone to see. 

It literally stamps the buyer's email address at the bottom of every single page of the document. 

Important! Do not apply pdf stamping to password-protected pdf files. Your customers will not be able to download the file. You can use either the password or the stamp, but not both.

What does a pdf stamp look like

Note: If you're using full-page visuals or other specifically formatted content at the bottom of any of the document page(s), the PDF stamp may interfere with these. To make sure the stamp is applied correctly, you may want to test it by downloading your own product from your store first. 

How to apply a PDF stamp

You can apply a PDF stamp to any of your products that are in .pdf format and not password-protected. To apply the stamp:

  1. Log in to your Sellfy account
  2. Upload your product file in pdf. format
  3. Check the Enable PDF stamping box

When you can't use the PDF stamp

If you're uploading a compressed file like a .zip or .rar file, you won't be able to use the PDF stamp. The file will already be compressed before you upload it. If you'd like to use the PDF stamp, you'll need to upload the file as a PDF.

If you would rather use a password-protected PDF document or a write-protected PDF then you will need to choose only one safety feature. These methods are not compatible and can not be used together.

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