Are my products safe from piracy?

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What does Sellfy do to keep your files secure?

Security tool available for PDF files

Why piracy may not be as bad as it seems

What does Sellfy do to keep your files secure?

Unfortunately, the risk of piracy is always present, but we do everything we can to help protect you and your products. 

Here we list some of the keep aspects that we do to prevent piracy:

Sellfy servers

  • All your products files are hosted on a secure cloud server

Product downloads 

  • Sellfy generates a unique download link for each purchase
  • Each link is limited to 5 download attempts (lifted for buyers who have a Sellfy account)
  • You have the ability to restrict downloads on any orders
  • All records of download attempts are kept for your reference 
  • You can view buyers information (IP address, etc.)  and download attempts in the Orders Section

Note: Most buyers purchase the products just for themselves and are not willing to share something they paid for themselves. We're also continuously monitoring our sellers for resold products. 

Security tool available for PDF files

Feature: PDF file stamping

Sellfy offers a great security tool available only for .pdf files. PDF stamping has proven to be a successful method to help prevent piracy. It literally stamps the buyer's email address at the bottom of each page of the document. It discourages buyers from sharing your product elsewhere online because their credentials are then made available for everyone to see. Read more about it here.

Why piracy may not be as bad as it seems

For one, you get more exposure! Yes, we know it's not the most appealing point, but check out the " How Ebook Theft is the Best Thing Since Pumpkin Spice Latte" article on our blog for more info on that (applies to most digital file categories, not only ebooks).

Even if your work has been stolen for resale, you're the trustworthy source. This means that you are the author and publisher of your products, buyers will know you're distributing the real product and not a scam. Most people would rather pay more for what they know is legitimate, rather than less for a fake.

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