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What can I sell on Sellfy?

Digital products

Physical products

What products are not allowed on Sellfy

Reporting restricted content

What can I sell on Sellfy?

We, at Sellfy, are dedicated to supporting creators who offer their own authentic products. 

To keep our community safe, open, and thriving, there are a few rules that regulate what content and products we allow to be sold via Sellfy. Violation of these rules can result in the suspension of your account, permanently.


Digital products

Digital products can only be sold on our paid subscription plans, like Starter, Business, and Premium. Digital products can be in any file format (i.e. pdf, epub, mp4, avi, jpg, png, jpeg, tiff, etc.) and are hosted by Sellfy.

Note: Sellfy does allow products created with the use of AI. As with all products, AI-generated content is subject to our restrictions below.

Some examples:

  • Ebooks, magazines, document templates
  • Tutorials, films, animations
  • Instructional videos for cooking or fitness
  • such as fonts, wallpapers, 3D models
  • Lightroom/Photoshop presets, mockups, stock photos
  • Subscription-based products (i.e. fitness plans)

Physical products

Physical products are categorized as tangible goods that can be shipped to a customer's location. These can be sold on all subscription plans.

Some examples:

  • Merchandise and apparel
  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Arts and crafts
  • Decor and homeware

What products are not allowed on Sellfy?


Products that violate laws to which you are subject

Sellers need to be familiar with their own local laws and regulations, to make sure that all products (digital and physical) comply with the legislation of their locality. For example, if you were to sell food products, there may be rules about where and how these were prepared, as well as how these are to be labeled. 

Digital products

Digital products may not be sold by Free plan users. These accounts are for selling merchandise and physical (tangible) products and printed merchandise.

Certain types of digital products are not allowed to be sold through Sellfy. 

Important! Not complying with the guidelines outlined below will lead to your account getting blocked. Account suspension is permanent. If your account has been suspended after violating Sellfy's rules, you will not receive a refund for any prepaid subscription time.

Products that do not meet our product guidelines or have poor customer reviews

We want to ensure that customers are getting good quality content, so make sure your product presentation is clear and visually pleasing. We may block accounts that contain products with poor quality image quality, offer illegitimate products or services, insufficient product description, or contain rude or hateful language and/or are violating our Terms and Conditions.

Gift cards and coupons from 3rd party products and/or services

Selling 3rd party gift cards and coupon codes may lead to your account being suspended.  

Copyrighted or other material that you don't own or have rights to distribute

This includes any products that infringe or violate existing copyrights, trademarks, or the legal rights of any 3rd party under the laws of any jurisdiction. We also prohibit the sale of any illegally obtained content or products. 

You are prohibited from using Sellfy to distribute the work of another person or company unless you have legal permission or license for selling these goods. If you do, make sure you provide this information in your store and/or product description. Not being able to provide legal written permission or the appropriate license may lead to your account being suspended. 

Scripts, hacking/ cracking tools, and software operating in bad faith

This includes products like Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram bots, cracked software files, and other scripts that bypass activation or abuse other systems/ apps/ websites.

Private information and identity documents

If you're about to share a picture of your boss to get back at him - don't do it. Don't overstep personal boundaries and respect basic human rights.

Third-party accounts and account interactions (ex. Twitter, Facebook, and others)

Selling accounts and account interactions (shoutouts, retweets, shares, followers, etc.) for sites like Twitter, and Facebook is against their rules and policy.

You may sell accounts for your own sites that do not forbid this.

Grand Theft Auto (online), Call of Duty and similar online game recovery and modding services

Online game account recovery and account modding services are against the distributors' EULA.

Obscene and adult content, nudity, pornography

Even if your product could be labeled as art or a form of expression, any nudity is not allowed to be sold. This includes digital, graphic, or rendered nudity. Nudity needs to be covered or it will be removed. Adult content and any items containing sexually oriented, mature, and obscene content will be removed from Sellfy.

Content engaging in or promoting violence of any kind, involving individuals and/or objects

Content exhibiting physical violence toward individuals or objects; promoting and/or encouraging violent acts of any kind toward individuals or objects is not allowed on Sellfy and will be removed.

Offensive, obscene and hateful content

Obscenity is subjective, but we will not take pardon in cases where popular opinion can classify your content as repulsive or adverse. Keep your products wholesome. Also, any items that encourage, promote or instruct others to engage in illegal activity will be removed immediately.

PayPal Boosters, matrix, pyramid schemes and similar 'get rich quick' schemes

This includes all money-making schemes where the buyer has to re-sell your product or any other similar methods. They are classified as scams and can even get your payment service account suspended by PayPal.

Redeemable gaming Keys/codes

Any type of redeemable code that violates the ToS of the owner (i.e. Fortnite)   

Online raffles and raffle tickets

Advertising, promoting or running your lottery or raffle online on Sellfy.

IPTV services

Selling access to paid channels requires proper licenses and agreements. No selling of services that advertise access to video and/or audio broadcasts, channels, or apps.

Physical goods

Regulated products

Sellfy prohibits the sale of [physical] products that are regulated or illegal under applicable law in the jurisdictions to which your business is targeted or under which jurisdiction your business is operating.

Sellfy does not allow the selling of any products that are considered illegal by law enforcement and/or local authorities to where the product is shipped to or being sent from. 

Copyrighted products
Sellfy does not allow the unauthorized sale or resale of any brand or designer copyrighted products or services.
Drugs (i.e. homegrown marijuana and/or any type of synthetic drugs)

Sellfy does not support or facilitate the distribution of any illegal drugs or substances. Though some products may be legal in your locality, you are not allowed to sell any cannabis products, including CBD through Sellfy.

Products perpetuating hate, racism and/or discrimination

Our platform does in no way tolerate physical products that contain or promote any of the above-mentioned.


It is not allowed to sell any type of weapon on Sellfy.

Re-selling items from Amazon, eBay

It is not allowed to (re-)sell third-party items.

Reporting restricted content

You can help us! Let us know if you notice any potentially illegal or suspicious content sold via We do our best to monitor stores and products, but we would greatly appreciate your help.

Don't hesitate to write to us via [email protected] with supporting evidence.

In the case of protected material (i.e. copyright and trademark), please send in a DMCA takedown notice. If you need help with how to do this, please read here.

Thank you for your diligence! It makes Sellfy a genuinely better place for creators.

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