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What are product variants?

Essentially, product variants are different versions of a single product. These product variations are listed as separate purchasing options in a drop-down menu, on your product page. The customer can view an item (like a t-shirt) and then select the varying size, color or other options with the drop-down menu. Each varying option can have a specific preview image as well.

So, if you're looking to sell variations of your digital or physical products, you can use the variants feature to do this.

Important! Variants cannot be used for Subscription Products or Freebies but applied to Digital and Physical Products only.

The feature allows you to offer multiple versions of a product in your store and lets your customers select from the pre-set options.

Here is a list of elements that can be edited per variant:

  • Variant attributes (for physical products this could relate to size or color, for example, whereas for digital products it may relate to the file(s) available per variant)
  • Variant name (each variant is a product variation in itself so you can add a descriptive/individual name for each variant)
  • Variant price (you can choose to offer each variant for the same price or set different price points for each - it's up to you)
  • Variant stock (if you have a limited amount of a certain variant, you can use the stock function to reflect this on the product page)

How to use variants

You can use variants for one main purpose - to offer a selection of different product versions for customers to choose from. Here are some examples of how variants can be applied to products:

  • Clothing - Sell different sizes (S, M, L) and colors (White, Black, Blue) of clothing item.
  • Music - Sell a series and/or different combinations of audio files, such as vocals, beats, etc. 
  • Recipe book - Offer variations of your recipe book, such as cooking "for two", "for four", an allergen-free version or seasonal recipes.
  • Jewelry - Offer different types of material; gold, silver, bronze.
  • E-book - If you want to sell a serially published book, you can easily add volumes of the book.
  • Writing services - If you're offering article writing services or similar, you can sell by the number of words, like "250 words" and "500 words".
  • Workout plans - Sell by type of workout (cardio, legs, etc.) or differing levels of difficulty like "beginner", "intermediate", or  "advanced".

The video below demonstrates what the clothing example would look like on your product page:

This video shows how different pricing options are displayed in the drop-down menu on the product page:

Important! Each digital product variant has to be a static file and cannot be custom-generated after the purchase is made. 

How to set up variants for your product

  1. Log in to your Sellfy account
  2. Navigate to Products > Add new product
  3. Scroll down to the Variants section > Add Variant (you can add multiple variants per product)
  4. Enter the variant details
  5. Click Save

Note: You can select one or more of your previously added Product Preview images for each product option or variant. Remember to leave a white checkmark on the selected image(s). That will indicate which of your uploaded images will show for this product variant.

How to use the stock function 

With the stock function, you can manually limit or extend the amount of each product or product variant individually. 

When the stock of one product is "sold out", you will see Out of stock sign on the main store page and product page.

Here's how you can edit the stock of any product inside the product editor:

  1. Log into your Sellfy account
  2. Navigate to Products > select the product you want to edit
  3. Scroll down to the Stock section > Switch the toggle next to Unlimited (it should be grey)
  4. Set the number of stock for this product
  5. Click Save Product

To limit the stock for a variant, click to edit the variant and set the number of stock in the variant editor > Save product.

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