How does upselling work?

With the Upsell feature, you can sell more of your products in one go! This feature allows you to offer customers an exclusive deal while they're buying a product from you. The upselling will work both on your store page as well as on individual product pages. You can read more about this feature on our blog.

Important note: The feature is available for Pro and Pro Plus users only. It's not available in the Sell Downloads app or in any of our discontinued plans

Follow these steps to set up the Upsell feature in your store:

First, to be able to upsell your products, you need to enable the Shopping cart feature for your store. To do that, go to the  "Features" section in your account. Switch the toggle on (it should be green). Make sure you press "Save" to activate the changes.

1. Go to "Marketing" →  "Upsell" in your Sellfy account;

2. There, press "Add new upsell";

3. Enter a name for the deal (so it's easier to keep track of it);

4. Select which product(s) your customer has to buy to get access to the exclusive deal. When a customer adds to cart any one of these products, the Upsell pop-up window will be displayed;

5. Next, choose the product which will be offered as the exclusive deal. It will be displayed in the upsell pop-up;

6. Enter the discount amount and expiration date of this deal. You can also set the discount to 100% to upsell a product for free;

7. Type in a clear and concise message to be displayed in the upsell pop-up window. The message can be up to 140 signs long, and we suggest keeping it even shorter. 

Here are some examples to get you started: 
"Special Christmas offer 50% off Commercial Licence!" 
"24 hours left to get THIS e-book for free!"
"Very special offer just for you! 50% off!"

8. Press "Save" to activate the offer.

Here's how it will look like to your customers on your store page:

Either on your store page or individual product pages, the customer adds to cart a product (which you've set up to be linked to an upsold product);

Immediately after that, the upsell pop-up is displayed, which offers your customer the exclusive deal. They can either add it to cart together with the chosen product or decline the offer.

If the customer adds the offered product, it is displayed in the cart like so.

If for any reason, the customer removes the initially chosen product from the cart, the discount on the upsold product is removed. It means the discount is active only if the customer purchases a regular product from your store. Here's how the change will be reflected in the cart:

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