How to add discounts?


What types of discounts can I use?

We offer two types of discounts for your products: coupon codes and  sale. With these you can:
  • Offer a specific discount on one of your items
  • Issue a discount on multiple products
  • Create a discount on all products in your store 
  • Offer free products (100% off)

Note: all discount types currently accept only a percentage (%) off, it's not yet possible to set it to a specific amount of money.

You can overview all your discounts at any time in the Discounts section. There, you'll find information about all discounts, number of products affected, usage stats and expiration date. There, you can edit each discount, change its name or remove it altogether.

Note: Discount names are private (only you can see them) and can be used to categorize discounts by theme.

To add a coupon code:

  1. Navigate to Marketing Discounts in the left sidebar.
  2. Click the Add new discount button and select Coupon.
  3. Create a unique name for your discount.
  4. Choose what products should be affected by this discount. You can select one, multiple or all products.
  5. Add a coupon code that your buyers will have to enter at the checkout to get a discount.
  6. Alternatively, you may send them a link where the coupon code is already applied at the checkout. 
  7. To create this link, type in a minus (-) and then the coupon code at the end of the product page URL. So, change the URL from this: to this:
  8. You can also set an expiration date for the discount.
  9. Finally, press Create to make the discount instantly available to your buyers.

Note: Discount codes are NOT case sensitive, which means that the code "25OFF" will also work if written like this "25off". 

Your customers will see the coupon code field during  checkout.

Note: The coupon code field will only be visible at the checkout for items that have an active discount. To remove the coupon code field from the checkout, remove the discount for that item.

To run a sale:

1.Navigate to Marketing →  Discounts in the left sidebar.
2. Click the ''Add new discount'' button and select Sale.
3. Create a unique name for your discount (only you can see the name).
4. Choose what products should be affected by this discount. You can select one, multiple or all products, choose numerous products or only pick one product.
5. Select the discount amount in % and choose an expiration date.
6. Finally, press "Create" to make the discount instantly available to your buyers.

Note: If you run a sale for a product that previously had Pay  what you want pricing, the PWYW feature will be disabled for that product. You can run a sale or have the pay what you want pricing - but not both.

Discount prioritization

Your products can have multiple discounts enabled at one time. However, the discounts do not sum up. Discounts are prioritized based on their position in the list below (the higher the discount type appears in the list, the higher the priority):
  1. Coupon code
  2. Sale of a specific product
  3. Sale of all products
For example, you might have a 10% sale on one of your products and a 25% off coupon code on all your products. If your customer enters the coupon code during checkout, he will receive 25% off the original price.
Plus, priority is given to the newest discount (of the same type) applied.

Minimum product price & adjusted discount

You can offer products for free on Sellfy by setting the price to $0.00 on the product editing page. This will automatically enable the Pay What You Want feature. You may also set the discounts as described above to 100%. Check out this article to read more about offering free products with our tools.
If you charge for your product, the minimum price is $0.90. It also means that product price after discount will always be at least $0.90. This minimum is set to cover the fees associated with the transaction.
Example: you have two products in your store, one priced $100 and other priced $1.23. If you enable a 50% sale for all items in your shop, the first product price will be $50 and the price of the second product will be $0.90. For the second product, initially priced $1.23, both the product page and checkout will display an adjusted discount (to set the minimum price $0.90), which in this case will be 26%.

Note: When product price after discount is below the $0.90 minimum, we display adjusted discount on product page and checkout.

Coupon code tracking

Whenever a customer uses one of your coupon codes, the coupon name is reported in the Orders export.

This feature can be used for a simplified affiliate program - you can create coupon codes for affiliates to offer to their audiences, and, in your Orders list, you'll be able to see how many sales were generated by that affiliate.

To export your Orders list:

  1. Go to Overview → Orders
  2. Click the blue Export button
  3. Click on the generated Order export in the list to download it (if you have a large volume of sales, it may take a few minutes for it to appear)
  4. Open the spreadsheet in Excel / Google Sheets / Numbers to see the data
  5. You'll find the Discount type and Coupon name columns to the far right of the spreadsheet
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