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Saving files to iOS13 (or higher)

Important! Each purchase is limited to 5 attempts. This means that you can download a purchase 5 times before your downloads show 0 attempts left. If you need to reset your downloads, follow the steps here

With the right tools and a bit of patience, you can save downloadable files directly to your iPhone or iPad. But unless you have iOS13 installed on your device, you may need to use an app to download and save purchases successfully. 
If your device runs on an older iOS version, see the following section

Note: If you have an iPhone or an iPad using iOS13, you won't need to install additional software/applications. The built-in Files app allows you to download and save (audio, video, zip, and others) files directly to your device. You must open the download in Safari for the Files app to download and save it to your device.  

Here's how you can save purchases to your device using iOS13:

Here's how you can find downloaded files inside the Files app on your device using iOS13:

Downloading to iOS

Important! If you purchased a video, make sure it is available for download. Some sellers may only enable the streaming option for the video.

If you're using an older iOS version on your device (prior to iOS13), you'll need to take some extra steps to complete the download and save purchases to your device. 
If you're using Safari, the browser will typically open or start playing the download without an option to save the file. Use either Dropbox, Documents by Readdle, or another app of your choice to download and save files to your iOS device. 


To use this option you first need to make sure to have a Dropbox account and the app installed on your mobile device.

Note: if the file is smaller than 350MB, you can use the Dropbox download option. The Dropbox button is just next to the green Download button. If the file is larger than 350MB, use the Documents by Readdle app.

Documents by Readdle app using the built-in browser

To download and save files using this method, you first need to install the Documents by Readdle app on your iOS device. 
The built-in browser provides you with the possibility to bookmark or save a web page so you can save the file to the  Documents folder on your device. Moreover, all recently visited web pages and search results are saved in Search History.
  1. Copy the download link (purchase link) from your browser 
  2. Open the Documents app on your device
  3. Click the Compass icon in the bottom right corner
  4. Paste the download link into the Built-in browser
  5. Click Download
  6. Wait for the download to complete
  7. Click Save
  8. Find the file in your Downloads folder

Documents by Readdle app using Safari

To download and save files using this method, you first need to install the Documents by Readdle app on your iOS device. Once installed, you can download and save files directly via the download link.
  1. Tap on the direct link in the address bar
  2. Change the first part of URL in the address bar to rhttp:// (simply add an r at the beginning)
  3. Click Open this page in "Documents"
  4. Click Download
  5. Wait for the download to complete
  6. Click Save
  7. Find the file in your Downloads folder

Streaming on iOS

Important! Internet Explorer does not support streaming. If you are a Microsoft user, please use the new Microsoft Edge to stream the video.

The streaming option will be accessible to you right after you made the purchase or via the link in the Purchase Email that we'll send to your inbox. If the video offers both options (stream and download), please don't download and stream the file at the same time. This might slow down both processes. 

Here are some possible causes that may interfere with the streaming functionality on your device:
Third-party browsers - if the link is opened in a third-party browser (i.e. Google Chrome) the streaming option is often disabled. If this happens, we recommend copy-pasting the URL directly into Safari. That should work!
Ad-blockers - any type of ad-blockers will disable the streaming function. You must remove adblockers. 
Outdated software - if the software on your device is not up-to-date, this may prevent you from being able to stream the video on your device.

Note: Sellers can choose to offer a video for, streaming only, downloading only or both. Either way, each video is limited to 5 (combined) interaction attempts. For example, if the video is available for downloading and streaming, you can watch the video 2 times and have 3 attempts left to download it. To reset downloads, click here.

If the video is available for stream and download, you'll see both options enabled:

If the video is available for stream only, the download button is disabled. 

E-books (.pdf / .epub / .docx / .doc & similar)

Select Copy to Books when the downloaded file opens for viewing.

Images (.jpg, .png, .jpeg)

When the downloaded file opens in your browser, press and hold the screen over the image. The option to Save the image will appear.

Compressed (.zip, .rar, .7z)

There are special apps that you'll need to get to be able to save and open these compressed archive files. Most of them have free versions available, which are easy to use! 

The free trial version of WinZip is an option, but you can use other useful apps from the App Store, too. If you'd prefer not to get an app to open .zip or .rar archive files, you'll need to download the file directly to a computer and perform the extraction (unzipping/unraring) process there.

App-specific (.lrtemplate and others)

Your device must have the appropriate app to open and install the file. For example, with .lrtemplate files, they are designed to be used with Adobe applications like Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile.
When the file downloads, choose More and select the app which can run the file. If it's not possible to do that, you may need to download it on your computer first and then sync the file with your mobile device.
To find out what app you need or how to use the file you bought, please reach out to the seller or look for more information on Google Search. You can also use this online tool to find out more about the file format you've received.
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