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Start here to get help with your order

Quick fixes for common downloading errors

Quick fixes for common streaming errors

Contact a seller for help with a product

Start here to get help with your order

Please use the table below to get assistance with your purchase. Start with #1 and use the Yes/No column to find the right guide for the problem you are experiencing. 

What do you need help with? YES NO
1. I have not received my download link Go here
Go to #2
2. There is a problem with my download link   My order is pending
My order was reversed
I need more downloads
The link is disabled
Go to #3
3. I need help with downloading my purchase  Go to #4 Go to #5
4. The device I am using is >  Desktop
Go to #5
5. I need help with installing/ accessing a product Go here
Go to #6
6. I'm not happy with my purchase and want a refund Go here
7. I lost my order email and download link Go here
8. I want to download the latest product update Go here

Quick fixes for common download errors

Important! Each purchase is limited to 5 download attempts. This means that you have 5 attempts to download product files to your device. If you need to reset your downloads, follow the steps here

If you're having trouble with your product, make sure you:

  1. Have a strong and stable Internet connection - this is one of the most common causes for downloading errors. If your connection is slow or interrupted, you may need to wait longer or try multiple times using up your download attempts.
  2. Use an updated browser - we highly recommend using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best results. Avoid using Internet Explorer.
  3. Check the file size - file sizes (especially larger than 1GB) can be problematic if you don't have a strong and stable connection. To download files successfully, make sure you've got a fast and steady internet connection. Also, close all other browsers, tabs, and programs.
  4. Check the file format - you can see the file format on the download page, just below the product title. You'll need the appropriate software (and device) so make sure to open the file on a device/with an application that supports the file format. For example, to use Lightroom presets (.lrtemplate files) on Lightroom CC Mobile, you may first need to set them up on the Lightroom CC desktop version. 
  5. Check for READ ME files - most sellers will provide instructions or a READ ME file with their product or have a Youtube channel with tutorials. 
  6. Check the product availability - make sure to check if the product is available for download. If you purchased a video or audio file, the seller might have provided a streaming option only.  

Quick fixes for common streaming errors

Note: If the video offers both options (stream and download), please don't download and stream the file at the same time. This might slow down both processes. 

  1. Use the correct browser - videos cannot be streamed using Internet Explorer. If you are a Microsoft user, to view the streaming video, please use the new Microsoft Edge or any other browser. For smartphones, make sure to open the video using the in-built browser (i.e. Safari on iOS), not a third-party browser. 
  2. Check for ad-blockers - disable ad-blockers to allow the streaming function to work properly.  
  3. Do a software update - make sure your software is up-to-date.

If you lost the order email including the download link, we recommend trying to retrieve the email by searching your email inbox with the word "sellfy". Unless the email was deleted, the search should bring up results for purchase emails sent by Sellfy. Once you find the email, you can access the download page by clicking on the button titled View my order

If you can't retrieve the order email, please send an email to Sellfy Support with your order details and we'll provide you with another link. 

How do I download the latest product update?

Some sellers publish newer versions of their products, at times. When a seller uploads a new version of product files, you can download them on the original download page.

To access the download page, go to your inbox and locate the order email. Click View my order to access the download page and get the updated files. If you don't have any downloads left, you can reset your download attempts by following the instructions here

Contact a seller for help with a product

Important! Make sure to refer to the product description and Read Me files for instructions provided by the seller. Some sellers even offer tutorials on YouTube.

If you have questions about or need help with installing, using or accessing product files, you need to contact the seller of the product. Sellfy can assist with download-related issues only. 

Here are different ways how you can contact a seller:

  1. Go to the download page and press Contact in the top left corner to send them a message.
  2. Go to their store page/website and press Contact to fill out the contact form.
  3. Refer to the product description to see if they offer a support email to contact them.
  4. Visit their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to send them a message.

Note: Products are created and sold by individual sellers, not Sellfy. You need to contact sellers to get help with product-specific inquiries.

If you cannot find a way to contact the seller, send an email to our team at [email protected] for assistance.

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