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Where do I find my purchase?

Important! Each purchase is limited to 5 attempts. This means that you can download a purchase 5 times before your downloads show 0 attempts left. If you need to reset your downloads, follow the steps here

Every Android device has a slightly different interface, but generally, there is a 'Downloads' folder or app where all files are saved by default. Alternatively, you may need to use apps to save or run specific files. 
If your Android does not have a designated Downloads folder, in general, we recommend using File Viewer for Android to download and save files to the device. It can save and open over 100 file types. Dropbox works well on Androids, too, for file sizes smaller than 2GB. The Google Drive app is another choice for storing files.

With any app, make sure to allow permission for the app to access files. You'll then be able to download and save files in the Downloads folder. 

Downloading to Android (.mp4, .mp3, .pdf, .wav, .epub, and others)

A great app to use for these would be File Viewer for Android. It's free in the Google Play store and supports over 100 file types. Once you've downloaded the app, you'll open it and allow permission for the app to access files. You'll be able to find your recently downloaded product and open it there.

For ebooks and . epub files, we recommend using ePub Reader for Android. Other apps may also be available in the Google Play store.

Streaming on Android

Note: if you're the first one to purchase a streamable video, it can take a few minutes for the video to start streaming while the function is enabled in the background. 

If you're  having trouble streaming the video using an Android, please make sure to:

  1. Check your internet connection - to stream videos seamlessly, especially files 1GB or larger, you need to have a strong and stable connection. 
  2. Use the correct browser - make sure to open the video using the in-built browser, not a third-party browser. 
  3. Check for ad-blockers - disable ad-blockers to allow the streaming function to work properly.  
  4. Do a software update - make sure your software is up-to-date.

Compressed (.zip, .rar, .7z)

For compressed files, you'll need to get an app from the Google Store to extract and use the files included in the compressed folder. Winzip is one option, but there are other frequently used apps that you can find as well!

App-specific (.lrtemplate and others)

Make sure your device has the appropriate app to run a specific file. For example, with .lrtemplate files, they are designed with Adobe applications like Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile. To find out what app you need or how to use the file you bought, please reach out to the seller or look for more information via Google. You can also use this online tool to find out more about the file format you've received.
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