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How does it work?

How do I pay for the merch?

How do I make money?

Taxes and shipping costs

How to design merch products

Available merchandise and customization options

Print and size options for posters

Can my customers return or exchange items?

What if the product arrives damaged?


How does it work?

Selling print-on-demand has never been easier!

You'll design your merch and sell it directly to your audience - from your Sellfy store, or from your own website. We'll handle the transaction process and shipping for you, at zero cost to you

How is this possible? We only print and fulfill when you have an order. That means it's free for you to create as many designs as you wish, without paying the product cost. When your customers purchase from your store, their payment will cover the product cost of the item. You'll receive the full payment after they've purchased. Then Sellfy will issue a charge for the product cost, shipping, and taxes, leaving you with your profit!

The process is so simple because you don't have to preorder, stock, or pay upfront for the merch you're selling. There are absolutely no costs involved for you to design and offer merch. 

All you need to sell print-on-demand with Sellfy is an active Sellfy subscription to create your own Sellfy store or embed Sellfy on your existing website. 

How do I pay for the merch?

Note: Sellfy will only charge for cost, shipping, and taxes for the order after you've been paid by your customer.

Now that you know it's free to design and fill your store with merchandise, we can explain how Sellfy can collect the cost of the item after an order is placed.

After your customer has placed an order, paid and it's being fulfilled by Sellfy, we'll issue a charge to collect the costs. The charge will be billed to the payment method that you've added to your Sellfy account. You can see any payments that you've made for merchandise fulfillment or update the payment method on file, in the Billing section of your account.

We'll take only the taxes, shipping, and the base item cost. After that, you'll have your profit! To see how to set and control the profit margin, please read the next section.

How do I make money?

You can actually determine your own profit! 
How? Every product has its own cost, which you are able to see in the last step of the product creation process, in the Variants section below the  Price Settings. You'll set the final price of the item, adding your desired profit margin over the base cost.
Customers purchasing merch in your store will pay the product price with tax and shipping, at checkout. Sellfy then charges for fulfilling the order and you keep the difference as profit.  

Taxes and shipping costs

Taxes and shipping are calculated at the time of checkout for each buyer, based on their location. The buyer pays for both costs, though Sellfy will issue a charge to collect that from you after the customer has paid it to you.

To see more details about shipping costs, as well as shipping speeds read here.

How to design merch products

For high-quality merchandise results, we recommend following these guidelines.

To design your custom-made merch, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Sellfy account > Products
  2. Click Add new > Print on demand
  3. Choose a product category
  4. Choose a product type
  5. Customize your product
  6. Click Save

Available merchandise and customization options

We're offering a selection of clothing, bags, mugs, stickers, posters, phone cases. To see more details about our available merchandise, you can read here. There, you'll see color selections, sizes, product costs, and more!

The number of customization options depends on the product type you're selling. See the table below for a quick overview:

Customization Clothing Bags Mugs Stickers Posters Phone cases
Add label Yes No No No No No
Add graphics Yes
Add text
Embroidery Yes Yes No No No No
Color Yes
Size XS - 2XL 3 options 2 options  3 options
11 options iPhone 7 - XS 
Samsung S10 - S20 Ultra

Questions on what customizable content is allowed? You can read Sellfy's product guidelines for merchandise for more help.

Currently, Sellfy offers three types of print-on-demand paper options.

Enhanced Matte Paper Posters - starting at US$9.00 and available in sizes 10x10, 12x10, 12x16, 12x18, 14x14, 16x16, 16x20, 18x18, 18x24, 24x36, 8x10.

Enhanced Matte Paper Framed Posters - starting at US$20.50 and available in sizes 10x10, 12x10, 12x16, 12x18, 14x14, 16x16, 16x20, 18x18, 18x24, 24x36, 8x10.

Canvas - starting at US$31.95 and available in sizes 12x12,12x16, 16x16, 16x20, 18x24, 24x36.

Can my customers return or exchange items?

Important! Customers are not able to return or exchange any items. Each product is custom printed at the time of their order. We recommend including this information, or a disclaimer in your product description, storefront, or website.

Unfortunately, it's not possible for your customers to exchange or return their custom-ordered merchandise.

For this reason, when you are selling print-on-demand products with Sellfy, we highly recommend that you provide information or a disclaimer for your customers stating that items can not be returned or exchanged. You can place this info in your product description, on your store pages, and/or on the terms and conditions page. Each item is printed and custom-made at the time of their order.

If an item cannot be delivered or is rejected by the customer, it will come back to our production facility. All items that are returned to the facility  will be donated to charity.

You may choose to offer a customer a refund. However, you are still responsible for the fulfillment cost to Sellfy. Even if you issue a refund, the original fulfillment cost of the merchandise that was paid to Sellfy will not be affected.

What if the product arrives damaged?

If any print-on-demand merchandise arrives damaged or has a serious quality issue, we can help.

You can contact us by going to your Orders > choose the order > Report a problem, or you can email us via [email protected] with both:

  • The order ID number and/or your customer's name and email address
  • An image of the damaged or poor quality item

We'd be happy to issue a refund or replace the product at no cost to you or your customer.

If a refund is chosen, this will include two steps:

  1. Sellfy will refund the amount collected for the order cost to you
  2. You will use either Stripe or PayPal to issue a refund to your customer

Unfortunately, it's not technically possible for us to directly refund your customer. But, it's easy for you to do this through the payment processor.

  • If your customer purchased a product using a credit or debit card, here's is how you can issue a refund via Stripe.
  • If a product was purchased via PayPal, here you can find detailed instructions on how to refund payment inside your PayPal account.


Q: Do I need a Sellfy account to sell merchandise?

A: Yes! You'll want to start a subscription on Sellfy in order to sell merchandise. You can sell directly from your own website if you already have a website or build a Sellfy store to sell from.

Q: What is the quality of the products? / What technology is used to print on t-shirts and other clothing items?

A: The technology is called Direct to Garment (DTG) method of printing. This method provides the ability to create photo-quality prints and the number of colors used doesn't affect pricing.

The inks used in the printing are water-based and they are CPSIA compliant, which means they are safe to print on youth/children’s clothing and reduce environmental waste.

For the best high-quality results, please use these guidelines

Q: Do I need to manage my own inventory?
A: No! You don't have to manage or hold an inventory. We'll supply the products. 
Q: What taxes are charged for POD products?
A: Additional costs like taxes, clearance, and local fees for print-on-demand orders will be added to the order and paid by your customers.
VAT is charged to all orders fulfilled in Europe and with shipping destinations in the EU. VAT is calculated as (product cost + shipping) *The country’s VAT%.; GST of 10% is charged for all orders going to Australia and New Zealand.

Q: How are payments processed?

A: Payments are processed through PayPal and Stripe (in your Sellfy store or on your website through the Sellfy checkout if you've embedded Sellfy), and sent directly to your account. Sellfy then collects the commission from your account via your preferred payment method that you have added in the Billing section of your Sellfy account. Sellfy currently charges for orders every 6 hours to submit them for fulfillment.

Q: How do I get paid?

A: You get paid for your orders right away via PayPal/Stripe. Sellfy will collect commissions for the items sold afterward in your account. You will have access to the invoice in your Sellfy account.

Q: Can I get samples of the products I want to sell?

A: To sample products that you'd like to sell, we recommend purchasing the items through your Sellfy store or your own website. That way you get to experience the entire purchasing process from your customer's point of view and receive a sample of the products that you want to offer.

Q: Can I customize the color for clothing items?

A: Yes, you can choose from up to 45 colors for your merch. The number of colors to choose from depends on the product.

Q: What if the order is lost in the mail?
A: All claims for packages lost in the mail must be submitted no later than 4 weeks after the estimated delivery date.

Q: What happens if my customer wants to return the item?

A: There is a no-return policy in place for all print-on-demand products. Read more here

Q: What are the recommendations for print files?
A: We recommend .PNG file format with a minimum of 150 DPI. But, for the best results, please use a .PNG file with 300 DPI resolution. DPI stands for the "dots per inch", which can also be calculated on your digital photos by checking the PPI or "pixels per inch".
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