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Role of Sellfy in taxes

How to apply taxes to product prices

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Role of Sellfy in taxes

Our role is to help you set up tax amounts for your products and to reflect those in your sales reports, but we don't file taxes for you, so you'll need to report and pay taxes directly to your local tax authority. 

Please contact your local tax authority to get the most accurate information about what percentage of taxes you need to pay for selling digital products (if at all) - this depends entirely on where you're located.

Note: We offer tools for European VAT MOSS reporting. You can find out more about the European VAT MOSS here: How does Sellfy handle the new EU VAT laws?

How to apply taxes to product prices

To set up taxes for your products, navigate to Store settings → Tax Settings and set the tax amount according to your country or state. 

You may also choose whether the tax is included in the product price or if it's added on top of it. 

When you apply taxes in your store, we automatically calculate the tax amounts for each country/state and display them to the customer at checkout. 

How to get a tax report

We collect all the order data for you in the  Orders section of your Sellfy Account, including the product price, tax amount and customer's country of location. 

You can use the information from your Order history for tax purposes and submit it your accountants or directly to your local tax authority, depending on their requirements. 

To request your Order export navigate to Orders → Export → Request report

Note: The exported file is in .csv format and must be opened using the appropriate application to view it as a spreadsheet. Once you have downloaded and saved your Order export on your computer, open the exported file in Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or OpenOffice Calculator to display the data coherently. If you're using a Mac computer, you can use the Numbers app as well. 

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