How to customize your Store Checkout

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How to access the Checkout Page

What features of the Checkout Page are customizable?

How to access the Checkout page

To access and customize the Checkout page, go to Store settingsCustomize Store > Built-in Pages > SHOW MORE > Checkout.

What features of the Checkout Page are customizable?

The Checkout Page is where your customers enter their payment information to finalize a purchase. You can enable/disable different features for this Page, and further customize the Page by adding other modules.

Customizable elements are:

  • Background and text colour (of the page)
  • Product container
  • Newsletter subscription checkbox 
  • B2B checkout
  • Adding a T&C checkbox
Enable email subscription - enable the newsletter subscription box at checkout for collecting newsletter subscribers to send them marketing campaigns, product updates, news, etc. If you're enabling this feature, make sure to comply with GDPR.

Note: If a customer didn't opt-in to receive your newsletters, they won't be included in your email marketing list on Sellfy, even if they bought a product.

Subscribe to emails by default - enabling this function automatically checks the email subscription box at checkout. Customers can still uncheck the box if they don't wish to subscribe to receive updates from you. 

Enable B2B checkout - enabling the B2B checkout option allows customers to enter a VAT/TAX ID to waive taxes when making a purchase. This is useful for those customers that have a business. If you don't have businesses purchasing from you, you can disable the feature.

Mandatory T&C agreement - If you enable this function, customers are required to tick the T&C checkbox before they can make a purchase.

Important! If you don't see the option to make agreeing to T&C mandatory for your store, check that the slug of the Terms Page is /terms. The URL slug for the T&C Page must be /terms to enable this function.

To do this:

  1. Open your Store Customizer
  2. Select the Checkout module and click the pen icon 
  3. Scroll to Mandatory T&C agreement 
  4. Turn the toggle switch (it will switch to green)
  5. Click Publish
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