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What features are in the Store settings

How to use Custom code section

What features are in the Store settings 

This section allows you to customize the general settings of your store. Click on General settings to edit the following elements:
  • Store name & logo (text font, size and color)
  • Browser tab icon (favicon)
  • Shopping cart
  • Store search
  • Hide Powered by Sellfy logo (available for Business and Premium plans)
  • Enable/disable breadcrumbs
  • Custom code

Click on Store style to edit Store features, Button styles, and Typography. In this section, you can enable/disable several store features and customize store-wide elements of your store:

  • Themes
  • Page background (choose a colour or image)
  • Buy Now button color, text color, and radius corner
  • Base, heading, and text fonts

How to use the Head code section

You'll find the Custom code settings at the bottom of the General Settings. This section allows you to add a custom code to all your Pages. Some examples of why you may add a custom code to the Head code section are to:

  • Embed a third-party chat
  • Embed a SoundCloud playlist
  • Track a marketing campaign (Google Analytics)
  • Track Facebook Ads (Facebook Pixel code)

Important! This feature is not available during the trial period. 

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