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What are custom fields?

The Custom fields feature allows you to collect additional information from customers, such as personal details and product-related details, on the product page and during the checkout process.

You can collect information as written answers, quantity input, provide customers with a selection from a dropdown menu, offer checkbox (Y/N) answers or prompt them to select a date using a calendar.

The Custom Fields feature can be found under Store Settings.

There are two types of Custom fields; Checkout fields and Product fields.

Checkout fields

Note: Checkout fields are added to the checkout page and designed for collecting customer information during the checkout process. For collecting product-related information from customers, use Product fields.

The Checkout fields area includes Built in fields and Custom fields.

Built in fields are locked and can't be customized. Built in fields are designed to collect customer details such as Full name and Email; they are automatically added to the checkout page. You can disable any of the Built in fields by toggling the switch in the far right corner (grey is OFF).

Below, the Custom fields section allows you to add your own custom fields to the checkout page.

Product fields

Note: Product fields are designed for collecting product-related information on the product page. For collecting general customer information, use Checkout fields.

Product fields are customizable and can be applied to single products, a selection of products or all products. Product fields are added to the product page and customers will fill in the information before they add the product to their cart.

Product fields are not added to the checkout page.

How to add a custom field

To add a custom field to your store checkout, go to Store settings > Custom fields > Checkout fields > Custom fields > press 'Add new field'.

In the pop-up window, select the field type you want to add. After you finish the creating the custom field, press 'Save changes' in the bottom right corner.

Note: Turn toggle the switch 'Required' to make it mandatory for customers to fill in their answer.

To add a custom field to a product page, go to Store settings > Custom fields > Product fields > press 'Add new form'.

Add a title and select the product(s) for which you want to add the custom field, then press 'Add new field'.

In the pop-up window, select the field type you want to add. After filling in the field details, press 'Save'.

Field types

To make it easy for you to collect different kinds of information, the Custom Fields feature offers 6 field types:

  • Text
  • Text area
  • Number
  • Dropdown
  • Checkbox
  • Date-picker


The text field is best used for collecting short, single line answers.

Text area

The text area field allows customers to write longer, multiple line answers.


The number field requires a numeral answer. Customers cannot use characters (letters) for submitting their answer.


The dropdown field allows you to create a selection of options that customers can choose from.


The checkbox field is ideal for Yes and No answers.


The date-picker allows your customer to select a date. This is great if you are offering a service that requires customers to choose a specific date, for a phone consultation, for instance.

Where to find custom field answers

The details collected through custom fields is provided on the Order page under Orders.

Information collected through product fields is shown below the Product name under Order details.

Information collected through checkout fields is shown under Checkout fields on the right hand side below Buyer details.


Q: Can I use custom fields for free products?

A: Yes! Custom fields can be applied to any product type.

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