How do I close my store?

Here's what you need to do to close your account manually:

Note: After closing, you won't be able to retrieve the products or any other information from the account, so make sure you get those before they're gone.

If you're subscribed to one of our paid plans, your subscription will be automatically expired before next billing cycle once you close your account.

To close your account:

  1. Log into your account;
  2. Go to "Account Settings" (press the store logo in the top right corner); 
  3. Press "Close account".

If you are using our "Sell Downloads" app on Wix

  1. You need to cancel your subscription directly via;
  2. You'll find instructions on how to do it at the bottom of this article: How to use Sellfy app on Wix;
  3. Then go through the steps as described above to delete your account on

Also, if you have a moment, we'd be happy to hear why you decided to delete your account. We're committed to improving our service, so your feedback is valuable to us. Feel free to write to [email protected] to let us know what made you decide to leave Sellfy.

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