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What is the Pay what you want feature?

How can I use this feature?

What is the Pay what you want feature?

Basically, this feature lets your customers choose how much they want to purchase your product(s) for. If you want to charge something for your product and are comfortable with customers deciding on the price, you can enable this feature on those specific products. 

There are a variety of reasons why a seller might want to use this tool. Some examples are:

  • Collecting donations for a special cause
  • Promoting a new product
  • Testing the price point of a (new) product

Read Christian Guzman's incredible story to get inspired using the "Pay what you want" feature!

Note: The minimum price you can set for a product is $0.90. This is done to cover the fees associated with the transaction. However, you can also offer a product for free with this feature. Just set the price to $0, and the Pay What You Want feature will be switched on automatically.

How can I use this feature?

If you decide to try out this feature, you can enable the PWYW option for the selected products in your settings. Follow the steps below to allow your customers to decide what they want to pay:

  1. Log into your Dashboard → Products
  2. Select the product from your list
  3. On the Edit product page, scroll to the bottom
  4. Click on the white space next to Pay what you want
  5. The color will switch from grey to green as shown below

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