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Email template types

Important! It's not possible to customize the Purchase confirmation template by product. All products (except subscriptions) will receive the same Purchase confirmation email.

With Sellfy, you can customize the following types of email templates:

Purchase confirmation - The email sent to your customer after they place an order with you. It will contain a digital download link and/or shipping information, depending on which product they've purchased.

Physical product: Item shipped - The email sent to your customer after you've marked an item as shipped.

Newsletter subscriber confirmation - This email is sent after someone fills out your newsletter subscription form on your store. By default, it will ask them to confirm that they are subscribing to further emails from you.

Subscription product invoice - The email sent to your customer after any successful subscription payments. It will be sent after your customer's first order of a subscription product and after each subsequent payment.

Subscription product canceled - The email sent to your customer after they cancel their subscription.

Cart Abandonment - The email will be sent to potential customers that started but did not finish their checkout, to help recover revenue. You can configure settings for this email with the Cart Abandonment feature.

Note: Customer replies to any of these emails will be sent to you. They'll be directed to your account email address or a support email address if you have added one.

How to customize email templates

Sellfy offers a Rich Text Editor to customize email templates. This is a great tool for you to make the email look presentable and suit your client base. To customize templates, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Sellfy account
  2. Go to Store Settings Email settings
  3. Select the email template you want to edit
  4. Make the desired changes (i.e. change the subject line, message body, add images, external URLs, etc.)
  5. Click Save

What elements can I customize?

Here's what you can do with the Rich Text Editor: 

  • Change the font of the text to Bold or Italic
  • Insert a link
  • Add a numbered list or bulleted list
  • Insert a horizontal line
  • Add images
  • Insert your HTML source code (Iframe embedding is not supported)

Note: When you choose the Source code option (</>), you'll be able to write the code manually or paste your email template HTML. Also, once you've finished editing your Purchase email, don't forget to click Save.

Email template customization examples

If you're not sure what information to add to your Purchase Email, here are some helpful examples. Keep in mind that the email will be the same for all products. So, unless you're selling only one item, you won't want it to be customized to an item, but rather for your audience overall.


Instead of "Thank you" in the title, use more casual phrasing or tie in one of your key catchphrases that your customers may know you to use. For your main body, you can add on your personalizing by sharing information about yourself, your social media accounts that users may want to follow, upcoming store events and more!

Extra help

Sometimes customers may need help downloading, saving or using their products. If you have a Help page on your store, tutorials on YouTube or other extra tips, you can share that with your buyer here.

Donation information

If you're offering items that allow the buyer to donate and "pay what they want" in order funds for a specific purpose. After your customer has donated money for their product, you want to include a specialized thanks, or links to where they can see progress on the project they've helped on!


You can tell your customers about events to come like live video streams, sales, and new item releases. You can also offer them a discount code for another purchase! Read more about this in the next section.

How to use the Purchase Email for Upselling

The Purchase Email is a great place for you to advertise a sale or specials (coupon codes) that you're offering in your store. 

Example: if you're providing a 20% Summer Discount for one of your products, you can add this information temporarily to your Purchase Email to advertise the discount and possibly increase sales. 

Note: the 20% Summer Discount used here is only an example. You can create your own discounts and sales in the Marketing section of your Selfy account and apply them to one, multiple or all products at once.

Alternatively, if you prefer rewarding visitors who have already bought a product in your store, you can create a Coupon Code for them to use in your store for another product. You can then share the code in the Purchase Email with a link to your store page. Another option is to link to your blog or social media account for a free offering. 

You can do this by including a clickable image in the body of the email that will take customers to the specific product/store page.

  1. Log in to your Sellfy account
  2. Go to Store Settings > Email settings
  3. Add an image of the discounted product in the email body
  4. Click the image to select it (as shown in the first image below)
  5. Click the link icon in the top bar of the editor
  6. Copy-paste the link into the URL bar
  7. Click Ok
  8. Click Save in the Purchase email editor 

Important! If you offer a Coupon Code, remember to include the Coupon Code name that you created as well as the instructions for using the code in the email. You may add this information below the clickable image.

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