What products are not allowed on Sellfy?

We at Sellfy are dedicated to supporting creators who publish their own authentic products. To keep our community safe, open and thriving, there are a few rules that regulate what content we allow to be sold via Sellfy. Violation of these rules can result in blocking the seller's account permanently.

Here's a list of products that are not allowed to be sold on Sellfy:

Physical Goods

Sellfy is intended for digital product sales exclusively, so all attempts to sell physical goods will be terminated immediately.

Products which do not meet our product guidelines or have poor customer reviews

We want to ensure that customers are getting good quality content, so make sure your product presentation is clear and visually pleasing.
We may block accounts that contain products with poor product image quality, insufficient product description or containing rude or hateful language.

Gift Cards, coupons, Private Label Rights (PLR) and Master Resell Rights (MRR) content

Sellfy is oriented toward the sale of original digital content, so selling gift cards of 3rd party services or coupons may lead to your account being suspended. Same goes for PLR and MRR products - such products are intended for resale and should be avoided.

Copyrighted material you don't have rights to distribute

This includes any items that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of any 3rd person or company under the laws of any jurisdiction.
Any work of another person or company is illegal to distribute unless you have the right permissions from the owners themselves. If you do, make sure you provide this information somewhere in your product description. From time to time we receive reports from other sellers or creators with claims that a particular product on Sellfy is copyrighted, and it's not allowed to sell it. We take these claims seriously and we normally suspend the accounts in question. To avoid unfair suspension, make sure you've got this information covered in your store page on Sellfy.com.

Scripts, hacking/ cracking tools and software operating in bad faith

This includes products like Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram bots, cracked software files and other scripts that bypass activation or abuse other systems/ apps/ websites.

Private information and identity documents

If you're about to share a picture of your boss to get back at him - don't do it. Don't overstep personal boundaries and respect basic human rights. 

Third party accounts and account interactions (ex. Twitter, Facebook and others)

Selling accounts and account interactions (shoutouts, retweets, shares, followers and alike) on sites like Twitter and Facebook is against their rules & policies.

You may sell accounts for your own site or sites that do not forbid this.

Grand Theft Auto (Online), Call of Duty and similar online game recovery and modding services.

Online game account recovery and account modding services are against the distributors EULA.

Obscene and adult content, nudity, pornography

Even if your product could be labeled as art or a form of expression, any nudity is not allowed to be sold. Adult content and any items containing sexually oriented, mature and obscene content will be removed from Sellfy.

Offensive, obscene and hateful content

Obscenity is subjective, but we will not take pardon in cases where popular opinion can classify your content as repulsive or adverse. Keep your products wholesome. Also, any items that encourage, promote or instruct others to engage in illegal activity will be removed immediately.

PayPal Boosters, matrix, pyramid schemes & similar 'get rich quick' schemes

This includes all money making schemes where the buyer has to re-sell your product or any other similar methods. They are classified as scams and can even get your payment service account suspended by PayPal.

Note: Account suspension is permanent. Once your account is closed down it will stay that way.

Important note: Let us know if you notice any illegal or suspicious content sold via Sellfy.com. We do our best to monitor stores and products, but your help is much appreciated. Don't hesitate to write to us via [email protected] with some evidence that supports your suspicion.
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