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What are Custom Pages?

How to customize the Products Page

How to customize the About Page

How to customize the Contact Page

How to customize the Terms Page

How to add a new Custom Page

What are Custom Pages?

By default, the store customizer includes 4 essential custom Pages; the Products Page, About Page, Contact Page and Terms Page.

Products Page

The Products Page is where all of your products are listed. Here, you can edit different elements:
  • Enable the Product categories menu 
  • Customize the Page layout and card design (use the aspect ratio for uniform product cards)
  • Change the button style and price
  • Edit the discount tag (if you're offering a discount)

About Page

The About Page is great for introducing yourself, telling your story, company ethos and mission and vision. The About Page already includes a Text panel module where you can add text, images, links, and more. You can customize the About Page further by adding other modules to the Page. 

Contact Page

It's important to give customers a way to connect with you and ask questions. The Contact Page includes the Contact form module and is linked in the Navigation on each Page. 

You may want to customize the title of the Contact form to make it more personal.

Terms Page

The Terms and Conditions that you apply to your store are entirely up to you. The Store customizer includes a Terms Page where you can add T&Cs for your store. If you need to create a new Terms and Conditions Page for your store, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to your Store Customizer
  2. Select +Add Page
  3. Choose a Title and enter /terms for the URL slug
  4. Select +Add module > Text panel to add text
  5. Select Publish

Add a new Custom Page

Once you finished editing the Built-in and Custom Pages, you can further customize your store by creating new custom Pages and adding modules to each Page, to add more content to your store. 

To create a new custom Page:

  1. Access the Store customizer, select the blue button + Add new Page
  2. Enter the Page title and the URL slug in the Page settings
  3. To add content to the Page, select + Add module
  4. When you've finished editing the Page, press Publish.

Note: The Navigation (top) and Footer (bottom) modules will automatically be added to each new Page. 

To edit a Page later on, simply click the Page from your list on your Home Page.

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