How can I get notifications for my store?

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Do I get notifications for new orders?

Push notifications for mobile

How can I set up other notifications?



Do I get notifications for new orders?

Sellfy does not send email notifications for new orders, automatically. Email notifications for orders can not be configured or set up at this time.

If you'd like to get notifications for store orders, we recommend using the Sellfy mobile app and enabling push notifications.

Push Notifications for mobile

The Sellfy app is available in the App Store for iOS devices, and in Google Play for Android devices. 

Once you have downloaded the app, log in to your Sellfy account using your Sellfy account email and password.

Inside the app, you can enable and disable app notifications in the Settings section. Here is a full list of events you can enable notifications for:

  • All new orders
  • Paid orders
  • Physical products orders
  • Daily report
  • Weekly report
  • Monthly report

To enable or disable a notification setting, simply turn the toggle switch. A green toggle switch indicates that notifications are enabled; a grey-colored toggle switch means the notification is turned off.

For more information about the app, click here

How can I set up other notifications? 

We offer a couple of other ways to configure notifications and these can be integrated with many other services.

  • Zapier - an online automation tool that allows you to connect other apps to your Sellfy account to manage various tasks related to your store. 
  • Webhooks - an integration app that helps to keep track of events that are happening in your store.


You can use the Zapier integration to set up notifications for your store. Zapier allows you to create workflows (Zaps) linked to the activity in your store. 

Note: Zapier's free plan allows users to set up to 5 Zaps, with 100 total tasks per month. That means you can get updates for up to 100 orders per month, using just their free plan!

For example, you can trigger different events based on the payment status of an order. You are able to select different options here from the dropdown:

  • Completed payment 
  • Refunds
  • Reversed payments 
  • To trigger an action on all events leave it blank

Before you can integrate Zapier with Sellfy, you'll need to sign up for a Zapier account. After you've successfully created an account on Zapier, you'll need an API token to authenticate your Sellfy account. Create your unique API token in Zapier integration page on Sellfy before you start integrating Zapier. 

Read here for detailed instructions. 


Webhooks is a tool that you can use to keep track of events that are happening in your store. But, they're recommended for people with more technical experience.

The app provides real-time data and updates about particular events connected to your store, such as:

  • New order 
  • Email subscribe 
  • Email unsubscribe 
  • Subscription product bought 
  • Subscription product canceled 
  • Cart abandoned 
  • Contact form submitted

To enable Webhooks in your Sellfy store, you'll first create your own Webhook. Once you've created your Webhook, you can integrate the app with your Sellfy account to track events. 

Click here for more details and instructions. 

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