How to set up Google Analytics

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What is Google Analytics and why use it?

How to link Google Analytics to your Sellfy account

What events do we send to Google Analytics?

How to gather in-depth sales data

What actions do we collect data on?

How to view enhanced e-commerce numbers using Google Analytics

What is cross-domain measurement?

What is Google Analytics and why use it?

Note: While we are in the process of implementing GA4, Sellfy's Google Analytics integration is working under the "Universal analytics" system in Google.

Google Analytics is a free digital analytics software offered by Google that allows you to gain insight into your website traffic and visitors' behavior. It can tell you how people find your site and what they do while they browse your store. 

The information and sales data collected can be used to help increase your conversion rate, grow sales, and make smart business decisions regarding your marketing strategy.  It's also a great way to measure the success and value of your existing marketing campaigns. 

If you're not familiar with Google Analytics, here's an article to help you get started.

  1. Log into your Sellfy account
  2. Navigate to Integrations > Apps > Google Analytics
  3. In the Tracking ID input field, enter your tracking ID

What events do we send to Google Analytics?

We send custom Google Analytics events as visitors browse your Sellfy store so you can better understand what's happening on your store site.  

Category Action Label When is it sent?
ec-ecommerce-send product detail When a buyer visits a single product page
ec-ecommerce-send product add-to-cart When a product is added to cart
ec-ecommerce-send product checkout-1 When a buyer visits the checkout page
ec-ecommerce-send product download When a buyer completes a purchase

How to gather in-depth sales data

You first need to enable enhanced ecommerce, by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Google Analytics account
  2. Navigate to Admin > View > Ecommerce Settings
  3. Enable both Ecommerce and Enhanced Ecommerce Settings

Once you enable Enhanced Ecommerce and data starts coming in, you can access the Ecommerce data by navigating to Conversions Ecommerce

What actions do we collect data on?

We collect these basic Enhanced Ecommerce measured actions:

Action When is the action recorded?
addImpression When a buyer sees your product (in store, in related products block, on a single product page)
detail When a buyer visits a single product page
add Called when a product is added to a shopping cart
checkout When a buyer visits a checkout page
purchase When a buyer completes a purchase

How to view enhanced Ecommerce numbers using Google Analytics

Google Analytics will typically include a Conversions column in their data tables like the one shown below.
Once you've enabled Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics, you'll need to select "eCommerce" from the Conversions dropdown to view the conversion data that is collected from your store.

What is cross-domain measurement?

Important! If you are using a Sellfy-based store, you do not need to enable cross-domain measurement. 

Cross-domain measurement allows you to track sessions across two different sites with Google Analytics. This means that cross-domain measurement is for you if you, for example:

  • sell products from your own website using Sellfy's embed method
  • have an additional website or blog and want to track sessions from your Sellfy store and your website or blog as one

To use cross-domain measurement, simply enter your domain in your account under  Sellfy account > Google Analytics > Save.

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