SEO settings - How do I make my products appear in Google search results?

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What is SEO?

SEO settings in your Store Customizer

Search Results Preview

Page Title

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Best SEO practices to use with Sellfy

Other ways to increase your ranking in search results

Why is my store not showing in search results?

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which relates to the process of optimizing your website content to generate traffic. 

Optimizing your Store Pages can help more potential customers find your store. How? Essentially, this optimization relays key information to the search engine. So, when your customer uses a search engine to find something, the search engine can suggest your store and provide it to the customer in the search results. 

The best part about search engine optimization is that you can potentially get more traffic, customers, and sales without spending money on marketing! 

To learn about these settings for each of your Store Pages, please read the next section.

SEO settings in your Store Customizer

You'll find that each Page in your store has Advanced settings that will include your SEO settings. These SEO settings are made up of three parts, the Search results preview, the Page title, and the Page description.

Search result preview

The Search result preview will show you how the page will display in search results. If a customer were to search for your products or store, this preview is the intro text that they'd see on the search results page.

In the Search results preview, you'll see the Page title and the Page description. We provide recommendations for character counts with each. Too few or too many characters can have a negative effect.

Page title 

The Page title is the header or title that shows in the search results. You can see it in the blue text, in the image above. 30-60 characters are recommended.

Page description

The meta description or Page description will be longer than the Page Title and serve as a summary of the content of the page. 70-130 characters are recommended.

Best SEO practices to use with Sellfy

Here are some tips for how to optimize your products and store using SEO. 
Product description - add keywords in the product description and make sure there is a lot of contextual text around them. Don't just add a lot of keywords by themselves. Click here for more details about the product description. 
Product URL - optimize the product URL by adding your main keyword i.e "fitness ebook"-> /fitness-ebook/. Click here to learn how to edit the product URL. 
Product name - make sure the product name includes the target keyword. Read here for more details.

Store pages - use the Store Customizer to add modules that allow you to add text and keywords to your store pages. For instance, you may want to add keywords to your About page, Landing page, or any other pages.  

Other ways to increase your ranking in search results

To start, we send your store and product links to Google. But, Google decides how to rank these links in the results, so it's important to do all that you can to increase the rankings.

To increase the chances of your products appearing higher in search results, you can add a link to your product to other sites on the browser. For example, you can add that link to another website of yours, a forum, a blog, or your social media accounts. Share, share, and share links to your store and products!

For more info on SEO practices, please read this blog article  "7 Actionable Product Page SEO Tips for Indie Creators" we've written for you.

Why is my store not showing in search results?

Though we provide your store links to Google, the search engine will rank this information differently. It can mean that your store and product links aren't showing in the first few pages of search results. In order to improve this, you'll need to learn a bit about SEO, use your SEO settings, share links to your store and consider other marketing tactics.

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