What currencies are available in my store?

You may choose between 22 different currencies. You can apply the same currency to all your products or vary it product by product. Make sure your payment gateway (PayPal/Stripe) is set up to receive payments in the currency you choose when setting up a product. 

You can edit your currency settings under "Store settings " →  "Payment options".

Note: Legacy (discontinued plan) users have a limited number of currencies. 

Here is the full list of available currencies for Pro and Pro Plus users as well as Basic plans ( discontinued) users:

USD - US Dollar 

GBP - British Pound

EUR - Euro

CAD - Canadian Dollar

BRL - Brazilian Real

AUD - Australian Dollar

JPY - Japanese Yen

TRY - Turkish Lira

THB - Thai Baht

CHF - Swiss Franc

SEK - Swedish Krona

SGD - Singapore Dollar

RUB - Russian Ruble

PLN - Polish Zloty

PHP - Philippine Peso

NZD - New Zealand Dollar

NOK - Norwegian Krone

MXN - Mexican Peso

ILS - Israeli New Shekel

HKD - Hong Kong Dollar

DKK - Danish Krone

CZK - Czech Koruna

If you'd like to see some other currency in this list, let us know and we may add it in the future.

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